2020 Luxury watches designed to live in your heart forever

At Ontime, you will find a wide range of watches from the world’s well-known designer brands and specialized labels making extra-ordinary watches that stand out and wins in the first look. We have some of the most favorite watches selling remarkably in the Middle East. Let us have a brief look at these eye-catchers.


The most popular and easily reachable is, of course, Aigner, who doesn’t know this brand? The world of Aigner is a statement of the classic German craftsmanship, cohesive design and modern technology that combines world-class Aigner watches. Aigner watches are loved and embraced by watch lovers worldwide since 1965. We have an exclusive collection of Aigner bags that will credit your attire and enhance the virtual essence wherever you go.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo is known as the “shoemaker to the stars.” Back in the late 1920s before most of the big names in Italian fashion were even born, Salvatore Ferragamo was crafting beautiful shoes for some of the most famous feet in Hollywood. Now as they expand their creativity in making watches, no one can take their eyes off the watches that are Equipped With Quartz Movement and Fortified By A Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Crystal With Anti-Reflection Treatment.


Versace is all about creating the best supply chain in luxury, promoting sustainability in Italian fashion and empowering humankind. Versace has tremendous timeless timepieces – the daintily-sized champagne-tone case, embellished with a Greca engraving on the bezel and the logo on the hands and indexes. On the bracelet, Medusa studs are linked together to create an everlasting jewelry piece. All Versace watches are Swiss made. In today’s day and age, you think of investing in the jewelry, you should think of world-known brands like Versace that is highly appreciable and rich in creativity.


Charriol is a prestigious luxury brand composing cable bracelet watches for men and women, explore the Swiss-made collection created by French entrepreneur Phillipe Charriol that is famed all the way from Hollywood. It’s a collection of watches that will stun you, iconic woven cable in hypoallergenic stainless steel and titanium is formed into a unisex open-shank design, punctuated with polished ion-plated end pieces will make your wrist more visible and open creative conversation. Charriol bags bring next level finish and ultra-modern design on most reliable materials in today’s fast-fashion world. 


Winter colors on the boom this 2020

Colors play a vital role in our life, they represent our mood, our intention and most of the time reflects our personality. Today we want to share some facts on choosing colorful attire this winter that may change your perspective towards winter fashion.

Most of the people think winter colors are either bright and vibrant or bring on the lighter side of every color. It is recommended to choose an outfit that is bright yet plain and from non-dramatic shades that will pass your expressions without any doubts.

Popping red scarf or navy blue sweater is always an elegant touch to match with whites and pastel-colored outfits. Yellow and neon colors are still not counted sophistic ones at work or at winter weddings. Go for mustard yellow, raspberry, purple, aubergine, pure blacks and whites colors for the maximum fabric that is covering your body.

Do you know winter whites are slightly towards cream white? Try multiple items in the fitting room before deciding on new winter outfits. Which are your favorite colors?

You may find hot pink, indigo and lemon green shades that are more towards summer fashion still hanging on the store racks. Depending on the type of fabric and its length, incorporating colors can be fun. Baby pink and turquoise are noticeably attractive colors for both men and women. Khaki, brown and charcoal black textures also do wonders on pants, long skirts and sweaters. If you are fond of high length boots like snow boots and bugaboots, top up with a matching bag or backpack, it will take your fashion next level with minimal efforts.

As the winter sun changes its direction, move your style towards clear winter shades. Pick clear colors like blue, red, pure white, bright orange and pale green. These colors show strength and harmony with the environment, make you stand out in a crowd and put you in limelight wherever you go.

The last tip before you start shopping is; go with seasonal flowers and match with their colors that will help you not to get confused. The newest trend indicates the same shade (one plus or minus) layered in style with accessories that are back in fashion. Gone are the days, people were painting different colors on every nail!

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Holiday gift ideas

Looking for a perfect Holiday gift? Holiday check list is on fire, no matter how big the list is, we can help you choose price perfect gifts that are way practically useful.

We will make sure you get what you want. You know, this holiday season is folding its gleam as we are close to the beginning of New Year smearing goals and timeless efforts to make it better at studies, at work or the field of our interests, we tend to forget if we ever allured our loved ones in the year that is about to  be gone, almost. Everyone deserves to enjoy the New Year with joyful surprises so, we start purchasing last minute discounted items without thinking twice. Stop doing that because you also know you can do better!

At Ontime, We understand your panicky moments and this is the reason why we brought to you Christmas gift ideas and holiday surprise gifts you will enjoy to give away this season. It is not bad idea to treat yourself while hunting for holiday gifts.

Shopping is an obvious activity during holiday season than traveling and testing out new delicacies. The retail market is out there, almost every step of your feet and on the fingertips, how will you choose the most trending holiday gift? We have some gadgets, holiday special accessories and gift sets to blow your mind and not your budget.

Apart from Eid festive, the most popular time of shopping for gifts is, of course, the end of the year sale and you will be amazed to know almost 190 million people shop a variety of gifts every day in the holiday season. Despite age and gender, people look for every kind of DIY to designer gift ideas and these gift items come with a special price tag. Enjoying holiday shopping was never fun before, thanks to online shopping, you do not need to dress up to shop for other members of your family. Authentic Christmas gifts in Kuwait and GCC countries can only be found at Ontime with an ease of shopping at any time on your smartphone or at home. At ontime, we guarantee our watches, jewelry, and accessories will make you stand out.

Let’s look into holiday shopping trends and 2020 fashion trends;

Watches; you can’t go wrong about this gift, at any time!

Michael Kors Smartwatch

Choosing a designer watch or a brand new smartwatch is the all-time favorite holiday gift hint. Be it for your son or your Boss, You can gift a watch and assume ultimate impression. It’s one useful, always on the budget gift for men, women, and kids. You can pick your favorite brand, dial color and watch material and we will wrap it nicely for you. It’s always good to enjoy more time with the family than searching outdoors is not so pleasant mall rush.

Jewelry; something for everyone!

Fossil bracelet for men
Ted baker necklace

Men or Women, jewelry has played an important part in everyone’s wardrobe nowadays. Do you know what she likes? Go ahead and gift jewelry that defines her. You can also gift a man jewelry from trending brands like police, Fossil, Armani or Diesel. Surprise him with a designer necklace, wrist band or wallet that matches his watches or blazers. Men love to collect designer pens, key rings, and wallets. Pick what your heart says.

Handbags; They need it, you give it!

Charriol luxury bag
Aigner luxury bag

We can never be tired of multiple bags collecting or gifting. One is never enough. Handbags and backpacks are something, everyone likes. You can choose from a variety of authentic, brand new handbags from DKNY, Fossil, and other designer brands at Ontime. We guarantee our handbags are authentic and you will love the prices we offer, grab one for you too. Give a gift of these marvelous designer pieces made to define the latest flair. From the smaller wristlets to full size totes and travel handbags, you will enjoy checking them out.

Gift Accessories for men; A present worth enjoying!

Armani cufflinks

What does a man want? They want your attention and a token of love you give by caring for them. Show you’re caring by picking what they will use on a daily routine. A watch, a pen, an eyewear or a wallet may be one of the gift ideas everybody will think of. You can show your sense of style by picking jewelry or accessories like keyrings from Maserati, Police wallets and glasses or even cufflinks that match their outfits.

Gift Accessories for women; every small thing counts!

Armani two tone earrings

What women love the most? If Makeup, then gift makeup pouch. From daughters to grandmothers, we have passport case to coin pouches to key rings, we have small things every woman like. And if you know she loves outing, picks eyewear that she will use most often.

Gift wrapping; count on us!

We will gift wrap for free. You can request a gift wrapping for as many items you purchase. Enjoy shopping at ontime with hassle-free packaging. We deliver at your doorstep or in your office at no extra cost.

Christmas giveaways; we’ve got it all!

Are you that giver? Follow us on Instagram @Ontime_Insta and check out brand new watches, jewelry, and accessories if you have a doubt on what’s hot. We reward our regular customers with exciting prizes and fun contests. Enjoy our Holiday shopping discount available only on our website.

And all the fun that kids wants? we have fantastic watches, jewelry set and some funky handbags for children who want to look like grown-ups. Want to make it educative? choose from Collection of Lamy pen designed for beginners.

The world of cursive writing: How to improve handwriting?

Somethings about Cursive writing:

The term cursive derives from Middle French cursif from Medieval Latin cursivus, which literally means running. In the Arabic, Syriac, Latin, and Cyrillic alphabets, many or all letters in a word are connected (while others must not), sometimes making a word one single complex stroke. Steven Roger Fischer suggests that based on finds at Saqqara, the reed pen might well have been used for writing on parchment as long ago as the First Dynasty or about 3000 BC.

Cursive handwriting was originally conceived and invented as a calligraphic art form in the 16th century for the design of special greeting cards. From this writing, the joined-up Latin source writing has developed.

Don’t you love flawless writing or even reading the nicely handwritten letter?

Handwriting plays a major role in the acquisition of written language and spelling and is less to be regarded as a mere fine motor skill. Handwriting is a complex and major achievement of the brain that connects the language center, the motor area, cognition, and other areas. This means improved networking of the neural structures that are important for successful (not just academic) learning.

They say; “Spoken words fly away, written words remain”.

A handwritten letter to a loved one, an important signature or an elegantly designed invitation: there are moments when we want to give our signatures a very special touch. It has been proved time to time that elegant fountain pens or fine-tipped ball pen that bring pleasure to handwriting and highlight the personal nature of your script.

Every person’s handwriting is unique – reason enough to give it the attention it deserves. Lamy has high-quality writing instruments that transform manual writing into a special experience – and give personal handwriting the perfect touch.

Lamy brings on the table with high-quality, beautifully designed writing instruments, their timeless modern aesthetic and perfect functionality that will inspire you to create great things. It is wonderful to know how these pens are made.

To improve your handwriting, you must take time to finish one word before jumping to the next. Once you are confident writing with Lamy pen’s fine point, start writing difficult or longer words in one go, you will see improvement as you write more.

Write your mind, do not copy from the book or newspaper to practice. try writing what comes in your mind. It will also help in utilizing thousands of words we stored in our brain. Always read after you finish writing. It is amazing to cherish and feel the accomplishment of what we have done so far.

And for those tiny fingers, we have Lamy ABC fountain pens that will create confined writing ability in your kids. Made of maple wood, matching cap and top part made of shiny plastic, non-slip rubber coated grip section and stainless steel nib is all they need.

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