Is orange your favourite colour?

Orange is the only color of the spectrum whose name was taken from an object, and that is – the orange. In nature it’s the color of vivid sunsets, fire, vegetables, flowers, fish, and many citrus fruits of which you are enjoying the tangy taste this season. In our contemporary world, orange is seen on the autumn pictures like falling petals, clouds lit sunsets and so on. We have some selfie lover orange collection to showcase in this blog.

Do you love Orange? So do we. Orange represents energy, cheer, excitement, adventure, warmth, vitality and good health. However, you can incorporate orange in different ways this season! We have some options to refresh your closets, take a look;

Beauty and the beast, both meets at the edge of fashion, where everything ends as perfectly well planned tale. This season is to embrace Koton’s full sleeves stylish polo neck tee with elastic waist. Wear on weekends all through the season or on Thursday-workday to give change to your everyday formals!

Wearing floral watch is like showing your eternal love for the nature. With Daisy Dixon watch featuring floral pattern on the orange dial base, your wrist will look fresh and glitzy. Click on the picture above to shop now!

How can we forget, we are living in the world where pandemic situation is alive and not so pleasant. We need to make sure that our face is covered with proper mask, meet Falke. Keeping the matching color in mind, falke masks cover your face well, even when you talk.

Wear the confidence with Cole Haan Sport Oxford With Leather Uppers, leather Brogue Detailing On Medial And Lateral Sides. This Tennis edition sneakers in orange will win everyone’s heart!

Time to show your diva look this season with our bright and beautiful orange collection at Ontime!


Find the best fit in Triumph bra

The world seems so beautiful when we get the best fit for everything. Shopping for a bra can be tiring if you don’t know what fits best or even what size you are. Don’t be shy, we are here to help At Ontime, you can purchase your favourite bra with a perfect size chart or considering what size will fit best on you. 

Review our style guide, that will help you figure out which piece fits perfect while shopping Triumph online. It is indeed a private thing and you need time, especially when you have less time to shop around the mall or you already have spent too much time trying on different bras and had no luck in getting the right fit. In order to figure out which kind of bra will fit best on the ultra-modern outfits, you need to read this blog. As you may know, there are various kinds in bras and most of the ladies love padded, cushioned, sports or knitted bras. 

According to most of the bra fitting guides “Your bra should look and feel great under your clothing and wearing the correct size plays a vital part in this.” A right size can improve your posture and create the appearance of a smaller waist. Do you know, around 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra and don’t even realise? 

Knowing your bra size is important for so many reasons and whether you have small breasts or large breasts it is important to make sure you are wearing the correct size. We have some tips to share on choosing the right bra that fits the way you want.

courtesy: #frontroomfit
  1. the bra should be firm around the body, ideally, it should fit on the third eye adjustment. 
  2. always check what kind of shoulder straps are you comfortable, thin straps or too fancy ones may make you get hurt on the shoulder or tightened or loose may slip out.
  3. Take exact measurement to check a cup size, don’t guess just measure using a measurement.
  4. Use extra straps, clips or simply choose a different style if you think the style may restrict your comfort.

Fashion comes in many ways, but there is no fun in wearing malfunctioned bras. Now, let’s measure your bra size with these easy steps.

Here we are sharing a simple technique to measure your chest before you conclude which size fits well.

We are always happy to help, in case you need a consultation before making your purchase online! We are happy to serve you the latest Triumph collection online and through hundreds of stores across the MENA region. Check our mobile application for easy shopping or contact us if you wish to inquire about these products before you make a purchase!

Jewelry care is such a thing: Tips for jewelry lovers

Whether it is pure gold or sterling silver, jewelry always stands out. Gemstones and pearls beaded jewelry cannot be finished without a touch of precious metal, even consider Diamond jaded necklaces leaving shine in your eyes. Everyone loves jewelry however, jewelry maintenance is one tidy process that everyone doesn’t like to follow. We are sharing some lights on the easiest process of using precious jewelry in the summer, storage, and maintenance of your favorite accessories with ease.

Gold jewelry care;

It is easy to carry and store 12 to 18kt Gold jewelry as it is mainly used for everyday use. It can be stone jaded or simply a metal graded piece of art. A piece of jewelry is worn many times, consider using a soft jewelry cleaning cloth to clean your jewelry after every use. You don’t know when you are going to put it on again, so better is to store it in its place than let it laying on the dresser bowl for days. People tend to forget where did they put their earrings or rings and it creates chaos when it comes to mind. Don’t become one of them, keep your delicate belongings in the jewelry box or a designated storage place with each jewelry separated. 

Diamond sets and delicate accessories;

Diamonds are tough but they aren’t indestructible. Make sure to clean and care for your diamond jewelry. Never wear your diamond while doing rough or hard work. Chlorine can damage and discolor your diamond jewelry. Keep your diamonds away from chlorine bleach or other household chemicals. You should also remove your diamond jewelry before entering a chlorinated pool or hot tub. Avoid touching your clean diamonds with your fingers. Handle clean jewelry by its edges.

Three simple steps to sum up this blog;

  1. Remove jewelry during tasks/ household activities
  2. Put on your jewelry only after applying makeup and dust off before storage
  3. Use a soft damp cloth or warm water to clean your jewelry or simply use a cleaning kit

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Influencers adding zeist to fashion

People buy relations, references and magical looks created by influencers. Who doesn’t know influencers next door? check your instagram and facebook, you will find hundreds of well dressed presentable individuals endorsing end number of products and services. You can consider them a talking mannequin. However, many influencer goes over the limit and reach out to the needy, share their wealth and giveaway products.

A true influencer will educate, consume and review the product in a creative way. These products are presented with well planned strategy to win social media attention. Many followers get carried away through alluring post and it serves the need of consumers entering the store.

Blog reviews make a big difference for online shoppers. In today’s day and age, online shoppers read and review before investing in any product whether its routine wardrobe or premium jewellery to present on special occasion!

At Online, we present each product with descriptions and reviews that helps you choose the right product! our premium watches and handbags give you authentic look and go to feelings!

Host a fashionable party

Now that the summer is washing its hands off, let us plan for greener, healthier and fresher ideas to host evening parties and fashion events within our proximity. We believe in saving time and taking precautions to limit our socializing unlike huge indoor gathering and lighting up in the backyard or on the terrace. Keeping safety a priority, we are sharing vibrant party ideas here.

Replace traditional balloons with LED lights

Lighting up your spot in the dusk is like creating a whole new planet space of your own. You can arrange lighting in a way that defines elements you want to highlight.

manage party crowd and standing platforms

Rather than creating a stage for a standing crowd, it is advisable to have multiple platforms for everyone to hang out while enjoying a drink and chit-chatting. No one likes to be sitting at all times, especially for those divas who dressed up as a showstopper. Having multiple platforms also help in maintaining social distancing.

Fashion secrets

Create a theme, share in your invites, and inspire your guests to wear masks, gloves, and indulge in distant selfies. Mirror Photobooth plays bigger role in the party as everyone likes to take pictures with friends and family. Have a great time partying this season!

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The perfect bottoms for this end of the summer

From comfy diaper pants to the best joggers, count your moves with comfortable bottoms that sets the best with your favorite top or sweatshirts! At Ontime, you will find bottoms for women, men, and kids to complete your look at any occasion. What defines a perfect bottom is its fit. Find comfort by choosing material, fitting, and of course the season. We present a variety of bottoms in this blog to justify your search for a perfect bottom this summer.

Match the summer bloom of your backyard with this floral printed bottoms that can be worn both at casual working day or night with your friends and family. Kenzo presents a variety of casual wear that will give you options to switch from plains to printed.

Talking about comfy bums, this Kenzo bottoms will give you a hint of chilling moment anywhere you move or even if hang in there, at your corridors. Keep the coolness of these bottoms by pairing with matching Kenzo tees in the summer or sweatshirt and fleece on windy cold evenings.

I am gonna have some fun-type summer look can only be achieved with this Max bottoms, Skirt style Capri size pants goes well with a belt and bodysuit or tanks over the heels. Check out the range of trousers we have from Max&co collection by clicking the picture.

Go on the walk or work out at home, this Letter Printed Jogging Pants fits best indoors and out. Check out the huge collection of bottoms at our online store and ontime shopping application. Shop at your fingertips!

Thrifty under Thirty watches

Time is restless. The trouble is you think there is enough time for shopping, travel or work day and night but, time won’t come back if you don’t move with it. We have a few spectacular timepieces to help you choose the best timepiece with the best deal of this season!

Fossil Jacqueline Women White Analog Watch

Nothing looks so serious when you wear this funky yet stylish watch from Fossil. eye motif on a white dial with a stainless steel mesh bracelet gives an elegant feel. Take things easy with this watch and pair it with a matching metal bracelet.

Tommy Hilfiger Th Essentials Women Pink Quartz Analog Watch

This beautiful watch brings colorful vibes on your wrist. With pink leather strap with floral texture and rose gold metal case, highlighting Tommy flag in the dial for a clear glimpse of your style statement, wear it to the gym, or on weekend hives.

Mvmt Boulevard Women White Quartz Analog Watch

Mvmt Boulevard Women White Quartz Analog Watch features white marble dial, gold-tone case, and two hands movement secured with a grey leather strap. The watch is paired with a matching metal band.

Getting back to the work culture

Olla to all beautiful souls waiting to get back to a normal routine! Here, we are concerned about your back to work mindset after a long pause of working from home setting. You might have been hiding your bottoms in the zoom meeting, but you can never hide from presenting your perfect self when it comes to getting back to the office routine. It is time to represent what you’re good at and that is being presentable and performing flawless at work, may it be any office environment.
Beginning from back to the work routine, it is recommended to shuffle your closet and set everyday work outfits according to the weather. Now that you are stepping out with Coronavirus being present out there, you shall consider wearing masks and keeping a safe distance. Apart from matching face masks and hand sanitization, it is advisable to focus on productivity and creativity in the current state.
Look around and find goodness in every task given to you. Motivation and community support play a vital role in the economic shift. Looking at the bigger picture, everyone is outrightly doing the best practice to keep the current work-life balance and partially active in economy regrowth. What is gone is outgone, what we can achieve is still in our hands.
At Ontime, we believe to spread positivity at the work by helping colleagues and sharing innovative ideas with peers. It is time we shall embrace the change.

Trending fashion hashtags on Instagram

Every man in today’s world on Instagram living life king-size with no flaw but the full luxury of expressions and fashion. How you define the trend depends on your mood and pick of the day. You can revolve or reboot the fashion depending upon what goes next on social media. The fashion industry is highly volatile and Instagram plays a vital role in defining what is the latest trend in fashion.

It is found that 88% of Instagram posts include at least one hashtag and thus hashtag makes the photo viral through many impressions and many more factors to be considered. We are sharing some of the most loved pictures on our Instagram handle to help you choose a perfect watch or a pair of shoes.

After all, trending is in trend. Do not hesitate to order one for you today and post on your Instagram using hashtag (#ontime_insta)

Long weekend deals at your doorstep

Looking for great deals? Welcome to ontime shopping spree. We offer weekend gateway-friendly packing and fun outfits, bags, and accessories delivering right at your doorsteps.
Starting in no particular manner, we are showcasing the best gala deals through this blog post, you know where you are going with these travel-friendly unsavory shopping hackathon on a festive weekend!

Get Virtually social

Social distancing is at the peak. Why not we use our social accounts to spread positivity and refined look! Here we have an all-time fav look whether you choose to step-out or invite-in!

Go places

If you chose to take a break from isolation, these pieces are essential for on-the-go mood. Don’t forget to drink enough water and take along immunity booster munches along with you. Let your soul feel earthy yet free. 

Tuck in with loved ones

Are you a backyard guy? We have these sweat suits, shoes, and comfy look outfits to keep you cool while you’re chilling out with your family and friends in the backyard. Want to surprise your little loved ones? We have the best gift options, check out now! How about a barbeque look or gym cum playful look for the match? Take chances with different colors and patterns to match with your teammates. Exercise is the key to stay fit, after all.

May Allah bless you with good health and happiness, Eid alAdha Mubarak.