Men’s Jewelry in the boom this season

#Hardwear for the resilient Men

Who says jewelry is overrated? Jewelry for men no longer means just a wedding ring, men also want to be noticeable, presentable and look sophisticated when it comes to being modernized in this fashion occupied era.

At Ontime, Every unique piece of jewelry and accessories are created keeping their customers in mind, how to wear and what to wear with, is the priority of creators and designers.

Jewelry designers often present their dream collection in the high range or in limited edition, and there is nothing wrong in it. They have put their time and labor into creating something extraordinarily unique. Every one of us wants to be unique in one or another way, we ornate ourselves by picking pieces that resemble our fashion and style. In today’s fast fashion, the only changeable ratio is dressing up and dressing down to look different and that also depending upon which occasion we want to be noticeable.  

Let’s see if we can surprise you. We bring to you our top 5 pieces of men’s jewelry. You can always pick your favorites from a lot of more options from our Ontime store;

  1. Emporio Armani signature men silver bracelet

This exquisite Men’s bracelet which has been manufactured and designed by Emporio Armani, one of the leading luxury designers in the fashion industry. Silver dots showing the Armani logo on the center chip attached with a bangle style bracelet is nothing but a unique style statement. Wear is any day anywhere.


2. Fossil Vintage Casual Men Silver Bracelet

Give vintage casual feel to your look by putting this cool men’s bracelet in black and silver beads made of polyethylene, stay invited and trendy by pairing with your everyday evenings or night outs.


3. Diesel Single Pendant Men Black Necklace

Diesel brings an ultimate Venetian neck-piece in a black polished stainless steel chain. Black iron plated lobster clasp holding the head pendant is one step up to your taste for fashion. Wear it with casual plain tee shirts.


4. Tommy Hilfiger Smooth Men Brown Bracelet

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most popular brands selling men’s outfits and accessories all around the globe with passion. This smooth leather belt is a combination of Tommy’s signature look of the flag and smoothness of the leather. This cool and subdued Tommy Hilfiger bracelet can be the perfect match to casual-smart city outfits or holiday shorts and t-shirts.

5. Emporio Armani Signature Men’S Accessory Set


Look at the finishing of these leather belts, black and blue colors that our eyes love to see, two belts come together in a set for your collection. It can be worn together or separate pairing with a watch or other beaded bracelets.


When you check Instagram posts, especially created by fashion bloggers, you feel like you want to run straight to the mall and find something similar or, so called trendy. We all follow fashion blindly, do you know, fashion comes in the trend only if followed or copied by the mass.

Accessories are limbs of the fashion that is being discovered for art’s sake since many many years, and being popular among those who divulged as trend setters. Cut to this day, fashion is being endured by millions and will create futuristic approach soon as the time passes. Watches are most popular accessory one would possess and keep as a valuable material.

Gifting a watch is also in trend, it symbolizes the value for time in the present or the future. Gifting a watch is like gifting knowledge and wisdom that is connected with the time and life cycle. A watch is indeed an ideal gift to give who means a lot to you. It is not only a thoughtful gift but also will remind them of you every time they wear it.

At ontime, we have created some elegant sets you can gift anyone at any time.

Here are top three wristwatch sets for MEN;

1. Roberto Cavalli Rc-86 Men Black Analog-Chronograph/Quartz Watch

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Roberto Cavalli is know for it’s unique and artistic designer watches, This stainless steel watch is precisely crafted in collaboration with Frank Muller. 32mm round black animal printed chronograph dial with sharp edges defines the character, excellently designed stylish bracelet finishes the look. This father figure watch is indeed a valuable timepiece.

2. Aigner Vicenza Men White Analog/Quartz Watch Set

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Aigner is one of the most popular names among watch brands, it has distinct deign and artisanal craft in all watches for men and women. the brand is famous for high quality German luxury lifestyle products. With its product ranges leather, fashion and accessories, the brand is successfully represented in 32 countries worldwide. High quality, craftsmanship, the a-shaped horseshoe logo and innovative design are the core features of the brand. This watch comes with matching press buttons and a pen designed from the same material. This designer set is ideal for any special occasions.

3. Dici Armanno Men’S Black Analog Watch

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Industry icon Gabriele GUIDI is the creative mind behind DICI, which he defines as a true affordable luxury-fashion brand, which delivers authenticity, sophistication and distinctive elegance – adapted to the latest global fashion trends, while always remaining close to its Italian roots. Elegance aligned, Dici has one of the prestigious wristwatch collections of all time. This classic Armano collection watch is black stainless steel 42mm textured dial with numbers on every three hour marks, three hands movement and steel mesh bracelet, gives royal finish to your wrist. A perfect gift for the groom or on the anniversary.

Gifting a wristwatch is like gifting memories or valuable times, feel free to browse thousands of wristwatches at ontime store and we assure you, the gifts you chose at ontime, you will be remembered for it.


Your ultimate driving machine company BMW is all set with a brand new collection of watches for all generations at Ontime. Demonstrating power, speed and a combination of fascinated luxury BMW watches will soon become the talk of the town.

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With a sporting spirit and visionary approach, BMW’s summer watch collection draws inspiration from automotive design. Known for its racing heritage, the brand draws inspiration from its commitment to performance and distinctive detailing to introduce watches that are versatile companions for every day. While classic BMW symbols such as the propeller logo subtly accent the dial, the cases play with aerodynamic forms and visually dynamic features, modeled after the brand’s most recognizable sports cars and shaped to perfection. Altogether, these statement-making watches are a combination of joy, performance, and passion.

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BMW proves there’s no limit to style, thanks to strikingly iconic colors and versatile designs. Available in three-link stainless steel bracelets and premium leather straps, the subtly shaded dials feature the brand’s iconic blue or impressive automobile inspired colors of silver, red, black and cashmere. The beauty is in the details with a logo etching on the crown. 

The M Motorsport Collection makes a powerful statement with sporty designs and premium materials to ensure you’ll always make an impression on and off the track. Available in a stainless steel bracelet or silicone strap with tread detailing, this racing-style chronograph comes with a knurled topring and the iconic Motorsport stripes that aficionados will gear up for.

Experience instant attraction of each timepiece from BMW. Show your love for power and speed by owning these masterpieces or gift the one who quests for perfection and uncompromising craftsmanship.


Two decades ago, wearing a wristwatch was going out of fashion. Until a smartwatch entered into the world of fashion accessories.

Millennials keeping their wrists vacant, Is it a gateway to luxury watches?

Young people are paying attention to watches, and that gives the industry potential new peers of consumers. Millennials like you would like to read some interesting facts about your favorite Apple Smartwatch, is in this blog.

Apple smartwatches

A new generation consumer would consider accessory an essential fashion statement whilst a traditional consumer would purchase on accounts of needs and habits. Since digital strength is getting over the fashion world, each accessory is utilized as an extensive gadget. 

What’s more, manufacturers are dabbling with incorporating smart technology in watches that have the outward appearance of being all-mechanical. Some have experimented with screens on watch straps. Some came up with attractive dials and changeable bands. 

The more we imagine the more we consume is an idea that is widely practiced and hence proven.

The watch technology with intense use of robotics resulted in the smartwatch and in a beautiful way, this art of craft is widely loved and approved by millennials.

As Jeff Williams said, “Smartwatch is not an accessory but an essential primary gadget one smartphone owner should own”, on the launch of Apple series 4 smartwatch.

Although, the world of analog watches not disrupted because of the presence of smartwatches in the market. In fact, they are taking advantage of more youngsters needing to use the watch and bringing back the culture of creating time as an important substance in a life full of creativity and possibilities.

Everyone, should encourage tomorrows generation to hold the values attached with the time, be it your favorite vintage watch made in Switzerland or brand new series of smartwatch showcasing favorite apps and functions we could ever imagine. Each genre of the watch has a quality that is unique and relatively ideal.

Revolutionary wearable watches are essential for everyone. Age is no bar when creating a fashion statement through a variety of timepieces. Choose wisely, check trends, browse ontime to pick the one that matches your taste or ask our in-store customer service professional for the second opinion.


For any parent, the best time to teach the value for money and what the value of time in life is, when a kid ask you:

“why are you looking at your wristwatch or at the wall clock?”

“Why are you in a hurry? Why are we late?”

No kid wants to be late at school or their favorite movie. They look at the clock and guess what time is, but teaching a simple time reading method can convert their curiosities into time-saving life hacks or we can put it this way, by teaching time you are making your kids independent and punctual.

Time is an important element in life for everyone, time is attached to everything we do. Why not, teach time to kids from an early age so they become good organizers in life.

Treating children with a useful gift is very important.

You are not only giving them a gift of knowledge but also creating a sense of fashion that helps in making well-mannered person.

Jacques Farel has a huge collection of kids’ watches to cater from little girls to big boys and of course smart teens who take fashion seriously.

A watch of their favorite sports or toons makes it so special to their heart. Jacques Farel has made sure the quality of belts and its dial is safe and secure for kids of all ages. Be it grosgrain straps, silicon belts or fine leather straps that made with care keeping the age of our kids in mind.

has watches for each gender with the special matching gift. Kids can choose a watch that goes with shades or color of school bag or multiple outfits. All dials are made of stainless steel to give a feeling of a real watch and increase its life span. It is essential to teach kids how to take care of their belongings and starting with the watch is one step towards making them a clever kid.

As Jacques Farel says “We make time for kids”, time teaching is a task performed by teachers and parents which can be enjoyable by giving a gift of knowledge sharing machine that tells time and give personal touch. JF’s kids’ collection highlights detailing on belts, contented dials and the add-on accessory that comes with it, gives fun feelings.

If you are shopping on ontime website, you will find this one of the favorite bikers’ watch for boys. Its steel dial and silicon belt have a unique design with the matching biker key-chain. This watch is an excellent gift for a teen who is eagerly talking about speeds and his favorite machines.


The holy month of Ramadan brings joy in each and every individual in general, purifying body and souls by keen fasting is indeed an incredible experience. Dodging from the changing seasonal weather to tossing the unbearable heat and for the people who have habit of compulsive eating, this month change our lifestyle totally upside down in a meaningful way. This month of Ramadan is filled with spirituality and greatness. As the month of Ramadan begins, so the shopping.

Discovering uniquely crafted and handmade accessories, buying soulful gifts and enjoying healthy food with the whole family is the some of the most popular activities we traditional believers do in the holy month of Ramadan..


We want to feel unique in every occasion and this year brings fashion to the next level. Number of well-known brands have come up with their best designs especially launched in Ramadan.

We become more grateful to Allah for what we have and for all we can conquer in the world. The day we feel little low, we can look up to those trends on our phone at the best of our comfort. We can order timepieces and get them shipped to the desired location in no time. This digital era has brought our shopping experience on the tip of our fingers, but choosing the one seems really tough when it comes to fast fashion and multiple options. Ontime speaks your heart.

Here are few favorites you don’t want to miss this season;

We all thrive the most contemporary yet luxurious watch that defines ourselves. At ontime, we showcase number of famous brands that cater all of your need and desires when it comes to be upgraded and trendy on one go. Accessories are part of our lives since ages and it will remain our identity and definitions to our mood time by time.

Crystal clear dials with moon and stars, be it starry shinning chronographic dials or elegantly crafted charms with moon, stars and lanterns, the urge of diversity in fashion world with symbolic authenticity has evolved over the time.

Coach is one of the most trusted fashion brand that delivers excellent products. This gold stainless steel watch has uniquely engraved moon with four crystallite stars placed to the perfection, indicates hours and minutes on round black celestial dial.

This chronographic dial is locked with precisely designed gold stainless steel bracelet with push buckle closure for easy deployment. One of the trendy fashion this Ramadan, this Coach Grand Women Multicolor Analog/Quartz Watch is a must have.


Let us not compromise on our choice by not looking for the right version of timepiece that defines the best of you. After all, fasting in Ramadan builds sense of self control and strengthen our willpower that will elevate our inner senses and increase our performance in all area.

Ontime brings the comfort of shopping to the next level. We cater variety of costumers who are looking for occasional pieces to the one building collection of diverse choice and fashion. When we talk about watches, there is no age bar. We cater everyone with love and care. All our timepieces have range of taste from classic desirable pieces to generation next visionary collection.

Allow us to give you Ramadan Special discount offers on your purchases.


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