Making comeback in 2020? We got you covered

Are you excited to go back to normal life? It may not be the same but we can make it better with precautions and adapting to new lifestyle to stay healthy and look great.
It may feel like we spent hundreds of days in our living rooms or bedroom. It is time to revamp, refresh, and achieve what was set at the beginning of the year 2020. We may have lost a few days of productivity, but we have achieved a healthy lifestyle, balanced state of the mind and of course, our vision and skills are now well-sought. Without further due, we want to offer more at Ontime. We care for your daily routine look and effortless styling, check out an exclusive collection from brands you love to wear at work or home.

For half a century, KENZO has been infusing positive energy and contagious freedom by claiming a polychrome, daring, and borderless fashion that celebrates nature and cultural diversity. Driven by a creative vision combining aesthetic requirement and functionality, in line with the House’s DNA, Felipe Oliveira Baptista is defining a new chapter in the history of the brand, while respecting its unique heritage.

simply stated, DKNY is the energy and spirit of New York. International, eclectic, fun, fast, and real. A DKNY watch is fashionable, fun, and friendly, with each new design bringing to life the creativity of the brand for a highly expressive piece of wrist-wear. Transition smoothly from work to evening wear, jeans to dresses, shirts to t-shirts, with a DKNY watch that suits your lifestyle and your individuality as well as your clothes. It is this unique mixture of styles that make DKNY watches so versatile, with the quality of craftsmanship expected from a leading global designer.

Part of the Max Mara Group, Marella was conceived as a collection in 1976 and became an independent company in 1988. Italian clothing and accessory brand Marella offers glamorous, contemporary, female fashion for all occasions. Merging the latest trends with Italian style, products are designed with the dynamic and style-conscious woman in mind, offering a wide range of coats, jackets, blouses, dresses, footwear, handbags, and much more. We have Max & Co that is a contemporary fashion brand offering modern women a vibrant, stylish, versatile wardrobe inspired by their ever-evolving lifestyles. Blouses, trousers, jumpsuits, and dresses all come in a variety of materials, prints, and styles you will be mesmerized.
Shop for your comeback, show your confidence with style, and show your anticipation in everything you do. Rely on facts and make sure you have the latest and most fashionable apparels and accessories this season. Say bye bye to lockdowns and stay safe wherever you go.

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Ramadan Kareem and Eid Mubarak

Eid is a magnificent and best day to show love, to care for everyone, to Pray for everyone and celebrate the spirit of harmony together to thank Allah for giving us this wonderful life! At Ontime, we are wishing Eid Mubarak to all of you!

With new fresh thoughts and understanding the meaning of stress-free life, we are delightful to continue sharing happy moments, bringing happiness in your life and celebrate those occasions very special in your heart!

Celebrate Eid with Ontime new arrivals and festive sale!

Eating healthy in Ramadan and Summer 2020

How important it is to take care of yourself and your family who is so invaluable and significant to you?

Today we are talking about eating during and past Ramadan month to keep your body healthy and active throughout this Covid19 pandemic situation and even after the lockdown is over and we are back to our normal lifestyle. The Government is constantly monitoring its citizen’s well-being and consulting changes as occurs. However, it is vital to listen to our body and concentrate on a healthy routine to maintain high energy and transfer it into productivity. Our body needs food, drinks, and ample rest to recover from unexpected transformation within us and around us such as daily eating habits, mobility, and weather condition. As we commence fasting during the Ramadan month, we tend to lower physical work and concentrate calmness. There are several ways to calm our body including sleep and reading the holy book. Sleeping plays an important role when it comes to practicing the fast. Our body tends to act less during fasting as our food intake lowers. People taking medicines during fast shall arrange their timings to make sure there is enough food intake before taking medicine and it does not breakfast in the daytime.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are genetically born to calm our hunger and vital nutrients during the summer. Try to consume as many fruits and vegetables as you can during the summer, it will boost your energy without hurting your tummy. Are you eating organic and healthy food? Celebrate by sharing on social media and inspire others to eat healthy.

As we practice eating our meals at night times during Ramadan, we tend to feast it up. Eating high calorie sweet dishes may not only hurt cholesterol levels but also make us diabetes pron. It is recommended to downsize the meal. To control eating in many bites, serve your family, and share your meals with people outside of your house. Downsizing your meal will help you stay on track if you are willing to lose weight and staying fit.

Day or night eat cooling food to keep your appetite settled. Coconut water, Watermelon, cucumber, curd, mint, and melons considered to be cooling and hydrating food ingredients.  Count them in your juice, dinner, and morning feast. Make sure o keep yourself hydrated. Lack of water in the body will make you tied and aggressive at times.

Hygiene is the key to a healthy body. Keeping your clothes and surroundings neat and clean will help you feel fresh and energetic. Having too much fragrance or constant cooking may irritate your breathing. It is advisable to keep windows open while cooking and use natural scents like oud and flowers to calm the surroundings.

Last but not the least, exercise is merely practiced in normal life. It is important to keep your body moving, joint working, and staying active during lockdowns. Coronavirus crisis has taught everyone that health is wealth. We must be happy to be home with our loved ones and healthy to keep them happy in return.

Buying gifts in Ramadan 2020

During Covid19 situation, families are keeping up with social distancing in the festive season and it is vital to keep our mind and soul out of stress while fasting. Living in one enclosed space with the family makes us realize what we can do differently. Our interactions have become better, our skills have improved as we give more time to learn new things now and then. Let us take advantage of being at home and think of what the best gift would be to give to your loved ones this season. Think creative and think about what would be essential in the current scenario.

We are sharing a list of gift ideas to help you make your decision faster. Stay home and shop your favourite gifts online. These designer brands and their innovative products are the latest in trend, well-known amongst fashion lovers and valued for its popularity and features.

For all new and traditional people, this Police pen is an ideal gift. Don’t blame on its polished eye-catching body with Police logo and stylish clip, It is an essential accessory for working professional and collective item for elders to remind them that they are important part of our family. Police pen is a style statement for young kids and graduating students.

This Aigner watch need no description. Styled in unbelievable beauty, this stainless steel two tone watch comes in red dial with A logo embraced all over it, Oval shaped links creating two tone bracelet. This watch is all time desirable accessory every woman is longing. Think no more, show how much you love your lady for all her hard work and keeping the house a happy place. We will make sure this gift is wrapped in a box and delivered at your doorstep.

Surprisingly, any handbag does its job outdoors as well as at home. Keeping a handbag gives freedom of carrying all essential things on the go and making sure it is safe at one place. This Charriol leather Letitia handbag is a latest beauty added to its collection. Love colours? you will love this compact handbag that fits every occasion. Glossy handle on the top for add on beauty.

Solving style and gift importance both at once is necessary when you are confused what to gift. This Aigner men accessory gift set will be adored by any age groups. Gift it to you dad, your brother and your son. Aigner’s iconic traditional ball pen incorporated with Aigner genuine leather wallet in a box fits as a perfect gift on Ramadan.

Kenzo Men’s casual top and bottoms for those who don’t get dressed now a days quite often. This casual pair from Kenzo will win your daily styling look and keep you updated even if you need to go for quick video calls. Comfort fit material makes it easy while you pray, sit for longer time or play with kids.

Looking at the bigger picture, clean water, healthy food, and shelter would be considered as one of the best gifts of all times. These are the primary responsibilities of each governance to help the needy. Our duties include keeping our family away from Coronavirus whilst making sure each family members are happy, and their basic needs are being fulfilled. You can donate food, money, and shelter related items to government relief funds/organizations helping the needy. Remember, the spirit of Holi month Ramadan gives us the power of giving. Let us embrace this moment to help one at a time and spread happiness around the world.