Stay fit by walking miles: Popular shoes looming our isle this season!

Are you one of those who promise themselves to walk miles in winters and fail to keep it as winter arrives?

Staying fit is, of course, everyone’s priority however, it can only be fulfilled if you stay disciplined and remain constant to your daily movement. It doesn’t have to be kilometers long run but a couple of thousands of steps a day does not harm. Especially when you have already decided to stay fit and not finding enough time to run to the gym. You will enjoy number of benefits by walking regularly despite of any weather. Walking make your muscles strong so they can bear your body weight incorporating joint movements and ease of body flow. Ontime came up with a solution to your joint complaints and we are sure our products will make you go outdoor or walk around even indoors. Check out;

New Balance Shoes

Perfect for running and leading. This sneaker sits atop a new and improved responsive FuelCell midsole cushioning to help offer superior comfort. It features an upper made of translucent textile and meshes fabric with a TPU heel counter for performance lockdown.

MBT sensor technology shoes

MBT Sensor Technology in the heel complements the midfoot sensor by absorbing shock. MBT innovative Pivot Strike area provides runners with the ideal foot striking platform to transition into propulsion while enhancing support and cushioning. A global Swiss-engineered lifestyle brand MBT presents the most dynamic and comfort fit Lucca shoes with lace pattern with patented MBT technology.

Fitflops for slide-on users

There’s just something about a sandal smothered in crystals that’s a smash. Summer in, summer out. (Even better when it’s completely all-day cushion) For ladies who rank ‘comfy’ number 1, our amazing glittery crystals slide sandals! Its triple-density Microwobbleboard midsole was engineered by two pioneering British extraordinary comforts, it not only helps absorb shock but can also diffuse underfoot pressure, by instantly increasing the contact area of the foot to the midsole.

Cole Haan Zerogrand technology

We also need athletic trainers that perform their best at the gym. So we made both. It’s called the ZERØGRAND All-Day Trainer with Stitchlite™. Featuring Stitchlite™ knit that breathes easy and provides unparalleled support, while a super-cushioned footbed creates more bouncy steps. A thoughtfully crafted outsole ensures lightweight and flexible movement and an all-new support system cradles and cushions your entire foot. 3. ZERØGRAND Motion tooling and last provide a wider forefoot base and increased stability. EVA foam provides lightweight cushioning and comfort. Forefoot flex grooves provide increased flexibility. A lightweight rubber outsole provides increased traction and durability.

If you haven’t yet, download our Ontime mobile app and enjoy shopping all your favorite brands at your fingertips!


STYLE GUIDE: How to wear your favorite scarves

Once you wear it, you want it on you every day! We notice scarves mostly in winter however, they are meant to be for all seasons. Do you know every scarf retail brand come-up with stylish scarves with materials and designs that suit every season? You may not be new to scarves, we have some fantastic scarf styling to share with you today. And we picked the latest and widely popular Roberto Cavalli scarves that are also available to purchase online at a great price. 

There are so many different ways to wear these Roberto Cavalli scarves – around your bag, as a headband, like a bow in your hair, around your neck – even as a belt around your waist! The quality of each scarf makes it either flexible or delicate. Also consider pattern and length before styling around your neck, shoulder or waist. Even short ones fit best on the wrists, oh those are so cute. Love it or leave it, these scarves will change the way you look!

The brand new Roberto Cavalli silk scarves have arrived at Ontime and we are so glad they come in almost all popular patterns and colors. They come in ultrachic patterns and fine material to suit your workwear or evening jacket.

The best way to flaunt the designer scarf is to wrap it around your neck and stretch it out to shoulders, you can leave it hanging down to elaborate its length or make more circles around the neck to puff up.

Scarves made of silk and shiny materials always stand out even when you have layered up with fur jackets and polo neck tunics. Scarves save you from sudden temperature change while commuting and in case, heavy wind apart of just styling.

Woolen scarves are mainly used in winter and need extra care for washing and caring. They are mostly bulgy and not everyone’s choice. Most women with long neck or working outdoors tend to choose woolen scarves in winter where it snows. However, the newest technology of woolen scarves now shrunken in a body with allowing similar effective warmth has taken the market. Unlike, everyday use of silk scarf may make you addicted to cover your neck often, you shall try different types of scarves to see what fits you best and what defines your personality! May Roberto Cavalli’s silk multi scarves be the best from the rest!

Good luck scarfing!!!

Valentine’s Day Love quotes

Each day is a celebration of being in an absolute relationship with someone you care about. Do not look for the reason, look for the occasion to celebrate your absolute bonding. As time flies, we tend to press our expressions within for no reason. Today, we are sharing quotations and lovely messages, choose from these slogans and short messages and express you love to someone special in your life! Also, check our valentine’s day collection to surprise them in style!

May these quotes below help you express your feelings!  Feel free to use these texts in a personalized message. don’t be late in wishing Valentine’s day, be stylish!

“Ti Amo- you are a most precious gift sent by God to me”

“Your smile reminds me of how much you care, let me make efforts to come close to you!”

“You’re my lucky charm, I wish you smile plentiful that glees your present and future.”

“Long distant reminders won’t work so, I decided to let my heart fall for you every moment I see you.”

“I like you, even more, when you’re murmuring songs that reveal you’re in love”

“It is love when you ignore my presence by looking at a forty-five-degree angle without moving your head.”

“You make my day, every day. I assure you this day will never end”

“I fell for you. Perhaps, this is the best time to love yourself as love is in this air.”

“If there is a twist in the story it has to be a surprise gift from the prince you love inside out.”

“Not for the sake of love but for the reason to express my love, I give in to you!”

“The best gift a mom can give is, abundant love.”

“I renounce myself to the one who defines me, not the one who changes thy. I’m yours.”

“Not just words but by the gesture of an elegant gift, today I am showing my side of affection by saying what you mean to me”

“Sometimes it’s just a day filled with special moments, those you create with love”

“Love me as you love yourself”

“I want to be permissive when I listen, that is the best part of me being in love with you”

“Unconditional love is like blessings! Let’s express ourselves to get those blessings today”

“If change is constant, allow me to express my feelings today”

“I need your potions to regain my selfless heart”

“My love is sober, it needs your charge”

“The only way to heal the planet is to be present in love responsibly and preserve what is gifted”

“I believe in you how I believe in God”

“May this day feel like any typical day to express my feelings to you”

“To love is blissful and to be loved is bold”

On this Valentine’s Day, we want you to love yourself more than expressing your love to others. Ontime wishes you all Happy Valentine’s day!

Look what we brought you for Valentine

Valentine’s Day celebration is in full swing and this year it is falling on the weekend in GCC countries, what an advantage to celebrate a day free from stress and in the warmth of your loved ones loaded with wish lists! We have brought some wonderful Valentine’s Day watches and jewelry you will be happy to lure your eyes on! Buy one for you, after all this season is to celebrate your inner being.

If you are googling the best gift to give someone special you better check our site as we have hands full of items you won’t doubt. In fact, all of our items are pitched to be genuine and popular that everyone seeing that gift will definitely be jealous. So, let’s create a lovely aura of valentine’s special gift ideas on your screen by penning each item to be the perfect gift for your loved ones.  A watch is the best gift, it shows your taste of fashion and how valuable that person is!

“You have my heart”- lucky bee. A great combination of heartthrob design in its Silver dial, the spirit of bee in rose gold-tone and hands movement with jaded crystals, rose gold-tone case and stainless steel mesh bracelet that elevates your look.

Start your love for the watch from this timepiece from Fossil. CARLIE MINI is 28mm white mother of pearls dial, rose gold-tone dot indices and three-tone hands movement including Minute hand made of letters “love”. The watch is secured with a rose gold-tone mesh bracelet and paired with a matching bracelet with a heart-shaped centerpiece made of stones. Remind yourself to be in live every minute as this watch hands move.

The Women’s Coach Watch from Park collection is available to buy from Shade Station. It features an ip gold stainless steel bracelet strap, an ip gold stainless steel case and has a white with three hand movement dial. The watch looks amazing with your valentine special jewelry.

For him, who takes his rides seriously! Michael Kors is a well-chanted watch brand and if you are gifting a watch on Valentine’s Day, this has to be the branded gift! This Amazing Black Watch From Michael Kors Highlights Blue Bezel, Tachymeter Reading, Indexes and Hands Movement on Black Dial, Three Sub Dials and Date Window at Five. The Watch Is Secured With Black Stainless Steel Bracelet.