Watch review: Soft belts v/s hard bracelets

Are you confused in choosing a right watch? Does it always have to be soft and sober? No, everyone buying an accessory are looking for easy to use, softer in terms of feel and flexibility, and simple watch that matches with everything you own. Then why all trends hyping on new seasons, new styles and brand new materials? Isn’t vintage, tested by grandpa kind of the classic watch all we need?

The answer to all questions above is “live on your base instincts. Everything you like may not last long but, using it correctly may save you from fashion strain.”

Every women try to look delicate and stylish, go for a watch that looks more dressy but cost-effective and multi-functional. We have chosen this one to prove that. A watch that can also be soft, delicate and multi-tasker at the same time.


This watch will give you “stick to me” feelings. Very comfortable, balanced in color and prints, excellent combination of steel and leather on delicate wrists like yours.

This watch can serve both formal and casual attires. From mornings to nights, you can match it with everything you wear, dear!

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Men v/s watches

Here are some fun facts on, why men love to wear a watch?

Men love watches for many reasons and features of course. Now a days, men find watch as a gear and not as an accessory. A watch can do more than just showing time and there is no doubt about it. However, why men love watches so much?

As we all agree, men tend to wear very less jewelry compared to women. Also, men tend to wear luxury watches or jewelries on special occasions, pairing with different accessories depending on the settings. Back in the time, for a traditional man, watch was the only accessory to flaunt his style and sometimes show expensive taste. Generations passed by and technology took over the styling and possession. Today’s man wants a brand new, unique and global connection of watches. Digital watches have touched the grounds and the sky everywhere in this planet. More you explore the more you indulge.

A real watch lover will balance their love for watches by choosing the one that does both time telling and multi-functions achieved by number of gadgets. Wondering how to please your man? Acknowledge man in your life by giving a gift of a watch and they will always value your gift, for sure.

Most reviewed watches

How do you justify the value for money? I loved it, I bought it but is it worth?

We receive a bunch of feedbacks and reviews on the products that our customers are buying online. Most of them are positive in terms of expectations and deliveries.

Customers buy products for a special occasion or a special person as a gift. Most of the gifts are purchased assuming the style, taste and the age of the person, who will be receiving the gift. People prefer to buy products that are unique but durable. Also most people do not want to present something fleshy or slight different.

However, many customers know what they are buying, or should we put it this way, most of the customers come to visit our physical store and then make a purchase. But buying online gives you more perks in terms of discounts and added gifts. In many cases, a watch is the best gift of all time. We are pleased to share genuine customer reviews, who loved shopping at the ONTIME web site.

Our customers choose watches in a precised way! This investment shall feel valuable to them and that is the reason they also provide feedback, so others can relate to the authenticity of products and accuracy in our customer service.

We are proud to match accessories with your favorite watch, there is one less hassle when you buy watch with matching accessories like bracelet, necklace set, handbag, shades and much more. Check out offers section to see if you can get a best deal in the town that no one is offering!

She loves her watch, more than any new items! This is our reward. When you look at the product and you realize you got a best deal in that price range is the time we feel proud of our products and services. This Dici watch is definitely one of the cheap thrills.

Moaaz is happy with this Just Cavalli watch not only because it’s brand new style but also that the value for money flaunts in its design and the price is so right.

Do not give yourself a stress of what to pick, let us show you some of the best gifts you can give to your loved ones or simply buy your next look and dress in style with ONTIME. Happy shopping!

Gift ideas for Eid Al-Adha

Eid al-Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, follows Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. According to the lunar Islamic calendar, it falls on the tenth day of Dhu al-Hijjah (Arafat Day), this year those days are 10th and 11th August. Muslims around the world celebrate Eid al-Adha in various ways that adhere to their particular culture. However, one thing that remains constant for kids as they eagerly await the dawn of the first day of Eid when they get to wear new clothes, often national dress items such as the Kandoura for boys. Eid al-Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, follows Hajj. On this second Eid celebration, everyone seeks blessings and exchange gifts. This year, ONTIME brings a bucket full of discounts on watches, jewelry, and accessories for you to shop hassle-free and enjoy the festive by choosing gifts everyone likes.
We have picked 5 watches and accessories that are now trending and counted as perfect gifts for your loved ones. Remember to spread love and harmony. Celebrate with your family by giving a gift they can use and recollect memories spent with you!

1. Coach Grand Women Navy Analog/Quartz Watch


This beautiful watch from Coach is one of the best seller this season. Comes in stainless steel case, blue dial with detailing on gold, moon lantern and stars symbols on hour marks, gold tone three hands movement. Finished with silver and gold tone stylish bracelet, this watch can be worn at anytime of the year as well.

2. Coach Grand Women Multicolor Analog/Quartz Watch


This brand new watch is introduced to encourage Eid Al-Adha celebration this year, a perfect gift for loved ones and a beautiful memory to share on your instagram with this timepiece. Blue dial with moon and stars in gold, gold tone stainless steel case finished with stylish bracelet. This watch can also be worn at any other settings.

3. Hugo Boss Intensity Men Blue Chronograph Watch


This brand new watch for men, from Boss Intensity collection, is an extraordinary timepiece. Stainless steel case, gold tone tachymeter on the bezel, blue sun ray dial, three sub dials and a date window gives chronograph functions. This watch can be gifted to the men of your family, affirming you value their time.

4. Casio Others Men Blue Multifunction Watch


This multifunctions watch is perfect gift for young dudes who likes to show off their power and style. Kids grow with the passion for exploring every opportunities and we as parents help them achieve their goals in many aspects. This watch will show how much you love them and you stand for them when and where needed.

5. Jacques Farel Jf Kids Kids Blue Quartz Analog Watch


This holiday is all about kids, giving them a gift is nothing but spreading love and showing how much you care. This Jacques Farel watch is in space craft style, for little explorers. Teach them time in style this season. Steel case, grosgrain strap and black dial with easy to read numeric. May this festival be the perfect opportunity to spend time with your loved ones.

Uncommon designs; Upscale Timepieces

While choosing a brand new watch, the only thing we have in mind is, it shouldn’t be ordinary. What is so common in market, we do not want to purchase. It is human nature, to possess what is uncommon. It may be a watch or jewelry or outfits. Though trend is derived from a style which is worn by the masses. We want comfort that equals to latest fashion. Here at ONTIME, we picked top 3 watches that are trending and uncommon gift of all times, worth your attention if you are looking for one to give away.

  1. Samsung galaxy smart watch

Galaxy Watch Is The Smartwatch That Helps You Stay Connected – Wherever Your Day Takes You. Galaxy Watch Features Bluetooth Connectivity & Contextual Information Based On Where You Are, How You Live And How You Use Your Watch. Your Galaxy, Your Lifestyle !



Unique & Attractive, This Just Cavalli Women’s Watch Combines Practicality with Beauty. Textured Golden-Silver Stainless Steel wraps sumptuously around The Wrist As A Sleek Serpentine Bracelet Watch With A Diamond Head, Creates A Stylish Animal Allure.



This brand new watch is introduced to encourage Eid Al-Adha celebration this year, a perfect gift for loved ones and a beautiful memory to share on your instagram with this timepiece. Blue dial with moon and stars in gold, gold tone stainless steel case finished with stylish bracelet. This watch can also be worn at any other settings.