Working from home? Here’s how to manage

Millions of employees are asked to work from home and many more may have to go through economic nightmare due to COVID-19 share market rock bottom dive. Now, despite asking an employer how you can keep your work environment safe, you may need to ask your family to maintain a routine in which you can productively concentrate on your work. Dedication is everything you do with passion. In this world pandemic situation, only one thing we can do is to keep ourselves safe and secure our surroundings. Many of us might have relief of not working at all being part of the labor workforce however, working from home unfolds many other things than just sitting on your computer and figure things out remotely. We want to share some tips to ease this temporary transformation.

  1. Discipline your routine

So, what if you don’t have to drive around in traffic to reach the office? You still have so much to do before you sit in the office space which we can call “hot seat”. Plan your routine in a way that gives you the flexibility of sitting in one corner where you can keep all your documents, laptop, and other stuff. It must be untouchable/unreachable to children. Do not isolate yourself but manage your routine so other people in the house do not feel offended when you get a call and if you need silence for some reason.

  • Timeline your work

We are still at home; we have many things around us that may distract us or lure us to take a break and rewind. This may be a good idea if your profession requires creative activities. However, being constantly distracted will lower your productivity, better to adjust timings that give everyone equal comfort. Remember, it is not just you are working from home. The whole office is there trying to map out how they will operate. Be the best of you by putting timelines on tasks that need your attention and share with your colleagues, so they are aware of what is going on. Insist your team be connected through WhatsApp or another medium where you can solve queries and share documents when needed. If you are away from your home desk, let your colleagues know. Being your boss was never fun, this is the time everyone will build skills they never noticed before.

  • Handling kids at home in work hours

Family is as important as work. Give tasks to your children to keep them busy. Make sure all the electronics being used by the Internet is under your possession. Do not let your kids consume useless videos and cartoons that may impact their imaginary skills. Make them play indoor games, painting/coloring activity is essential for every age. Ask them to write or draw their dreams and you will be amazed at what they have to show.

  • Go with the flow

You may feel overwhelmed with the situation where constant news of Covid-19 is bombarding on all media platforms and being circulated from one end to the other. Don’t feel stressed out, no one knows when will things go normal and if so, we will need to practice our work following the current situation. We may have ample family time although we need to balance our life and financial ailment. The sooner we plan the better our mental state will perform. 

Here are the benefits of working from home.

  1. You are safe from Covid 19 infection if you never had an infection
  2. You save travel time
  3. You get to eat homemade food
  4. You have flexible work breaks when you feel pressurized
  5. You are available to handle emergencies at home
  6. You can give yourself enough time to resolve any issues and learn work-life balance
  7. If you are asked to work from home, you know your job role is essential and your input will be counted

You will learn how to utilize most without being too dependent on office-like space. There are few drawbacks of working from home especially for an employee living with a bigger family.

These are few drawbacks you need to manage;

  1. You may lack in concentration if you see kids around you
  2. You may have to multitask between work at home and your office work
  3. There will be constant noise and movement in the daytime that may compromise your workspace
  4. You may be tempted to take longer breaks or sneak out to watch the news or indulge in group talk.
  5. You might get distracted because of the home atmosphere and lack in productivity

This time is crucial, and we all know it may not be permanent. Let us take a leap of faith and help each other by staying healthy and fit. Let us wash our hands frequently, stay away from mass gatherings and avoid going out at public places.