More Tees, Please!

Tired of shirts and formal tops at all times? Here we have, an exclusive premium collection of summer outfits from international designers, waiting to be picked and delivered only for you!
It’s our pleasure to introduce well-known fashion designers’ spring/summer collection, freshly designed outfits including tops, to allure your vacation mood. Whether you are indoor or going out only a few steps away, these attractive Tees are surely worthwhile companions.

Widely loving Kenzo and DKNY both brands present stylish casual outfits. Depending upon where your feet take you, choose from cozy to just chill styles, to pair with sweatpants or jeans.

Want to go classic and elegant? Here we have Marella women’s Tee to keep you enchanted on the go. Make most of the memories with this Straight fit patterned jersey T-shirt. It has a round neck, short sleeves with turn-up and floral print to be worn with any color trousers or skirts.

There is indeed a world beyond zero sizes and no one but Merina Renaldi has a dream collection to prove the point. Count on these relaxed fit tops with various materials and patterns to change the way you perceive yourself in the mirror. Look confident, stay stylish with these Persona Tops to kill the heat! Staying cool was never too hard. Choose from a variety of clothing and accessories only at Ontime.

We deliver items to your doorstep, keeping packing and delivery safe to avoid Coronavirus cross-contamination and considering your health and safety at first!


I wanna be like you, father!

Father’s Day celebrates fatherhood and male parenting. You may celebrate this Father’s Day with a man whose contribution has changed in your life and others. let us share some golden moments by showcasing premium brands and authentic gifts on this Father’s Day occasion.

Be generous, be loving, be caring, and above all be the one your family feels pride for. “Father” is a holy figure and a prominent personality in the family. From bringing food on the table to staying close to your bed when you are sick, there is not a single role a father can’t fit in.

Our society has made a father, a person who works day and night to run the family and also keep a work-life balance. A father often in stress must play with his little ones and help in households when needed. He deserves your love, acknowledgment and this father’s day is a perfect moment to say what you feel.

A father is always a hero in his kids’ eyes. Why not make this day memorable by giving a timeless gift that reminds him you care as much as he did. Acknowledge his feelings and you will always be there when he seeks. These Father’s Day gifts will enchant your love for the men in your life and add priceless expression when they will open the gift they love.

Hit the street this summer with Ontime

Summer is filled with heat, sweats, and dehydrations, isn’t it? Stay draped with our streetwear style this summer and stay in trend with Ontime. This summer we want to show you cool ways to work out, stay fit, and wander in style.

Gym fit

Who doesn’t want to wear outfits to show masculinity? We have brand new activewear collection from premium brands offering colorful, breathable, and comfortable fit to help you work out with ease.


These Sweatshirts come in style and in inspiring looks with matching sweatpants and bottoms. To make a perfect gym look, choose matching underwear and running shoes with sport swatch Make your move at the beach or play outdoors when time permits. These activewear styles at Ontime offers everyday comfort. Don’t forget to wear a hat when you are outdoor.

Stay cool and classy

We have shorts from Kenzo to cover you in the evening walk with colleagues. These classic shorts in different color gives you the option to skip pants in the Sun. Keep your simple look intact with a plain polo neck T-shirt and running shoes or sneakers depending on the occasion. We have got you covered from top to bottom considering your look a priority. Feel free to browse sports watches and sunglasses for extra coolness.

Summer dresses

IF you ever felt, layering is too much of a hack, we have cotton-comfort dresses to flaunt your street style. Summer is meant for light color soft material with stylish patterns and never changing chic look. Pair it with sandals or shoes depending on the mood.

Jewelry and Accessories

Men and Women look great with value-added accessories like necklace, bracelet, rings, and eyewear. Swing a small size handbag or crossbody bag to carry essentials and wallets to keep the money safe. We have branded bags and wallets made with genuine leather and coated material.

Baby Talk

There is no reason to justify why we choose infants and kids clothing carefully! Moms and dads love their little ones and so do our premium clothing brand Petit Bateau. Many many years ago, we are talking about almost 100 years ago, fashion was limited to stylish men and women living in luxurious settings. A young designer Etiene Valton had the vision to give cool looks to kids. Petit Bateau is named after the nursery rhyme ‘Maman les p’tits bateaux qui vont sur l’eau ont-ils des jambes?’. Which has been sung for generations in France. In 1918, Etienne Valton – the son of Petit Bateau founder Pierre Valton – was inspired by this nursery rhyme to cut the legs off long johns worn at the time. The classic cotton pants we know today were born! Petit Bateau is a classic French brand that was launched in 1893 and is famed worldwide for its high-quality basics made using only the softest cotton.

Why Cotton clothing for kids?
Petit Bateau is a brand that protects. They design knitted collections for new-borns, underwear, and sleepwear carrying the Oeko-Tex® label, which imposes rigorous safety controls on clothing. This collaboration has lasted almost 10 years. You are witnessing the latest technology woven high-quality outfits for infants and kids that are made with precautions and enduring durability.

Clothes that are made with flat seams, prevent chafing on the skin for the total comfort of babies. Long-lasting material and colors to choose from, all outfits match imaginations and maturity as kids grow. Match the milestone and make memories with Petit Bateau outfits for young fashionistas.

Easy care and washing resistance
No washing surprises – Petit Bateau clothes do not shrink. No need for dry cleaning or special instructions, all clothes are machine washable – simple as that. Petit Bateau creates colors that remain vibrant and do not run or fade. Try multi colors for your kids to learn and choose their favorite colors. Let them mix and match to create a look of their own.

You care for little lives so do we, shop exclusive kids collection for boys and girls only at Ontime. Do not forget to download an app and utilize a discount on your first purchase!