The perfect bottoms for this end of the summer

From comfy diaper pants to the best joggers, count your moves with comfortable bottoms that sets the best with your favorite top or sweatshirts! At Ontime, you will find bottoms for women, men, and kids to complete your look at any occasion. What defines a perfect bottom is its fit. Find comfort by choosing material, fitting, and of course the season. We present a variety of bottoms in this blog to justify your search for a perfect bottom this summer.

Match the summer bloom of your backyard with this floral printed bottoms that can be worn both at casual working day or night with your friends and family. Kenzo presents a variety of casual wear that will give you options to switch from plains to printed.

Talking about comfy bums, this Kenzo bottoms will give you a hint of chilling moment anywhere you move or even if hang in there, at your corridors. Keep the coolness of these bottoms by pairing with matching Kenzo tees in the summer or sweatshirt and fleece on windy cold evenings.

I am gonna have some fun-type summer look can only be achieved with this Max bottoms, Skirt style Capri size pants goes well with a belt and bodysuit or tanks over the heels. Check out the range of trousers we have from Max&co collection by clicking the picture.

Go on the walk or work out at home, this Letter Printed Jogging Pants fits best indoors and out. Check out the huge collection of bottoms at our online store and ontime shopping application. Shop at your fingertips!


Thrifty under Thirty watches

Time is restless. The trouble is you think there is enough time for shopping, travel or work day and night but, time won’t come back if you don’t move with it. We have a few spectacular timepieces to help you choose the best timepiece with the best deal of this season!

Fossil Jacqueline Women White Analog Watch

Nothing looks so serious when you wear this funky yet stylish watch from Fossil. eye motif on a white dial with a stainless steel mesh bracelet gives an elegant feel. Take things easy with this watch and pair it with a matching metal bracelet.

Tommy Hilfiger Th Essentials Women Pink Quartz Analog Watch

This beautiful watch brings colorful vibes on your wrist. With pink leather strap with floral texture and rose gold metal case, highlighting Tommy flag in the dial for a clear glimpse of your style statement, wear it to the gym, or on weekend hives.

Mvmt Boulevard Women White Quartz Analog Watch

Mvmt Boulevard Women White Quartz Analog Watch features white marble dial, gold-tone case, and two hands movement secured with a grey leather strap. The watch is paired with a matching metal band.

Getting back to the work culture

Olla to all beautiful souls waiting to get back to a normal routine! Here, we are concerned about your back to work mindset after a long pause of working from home setting. You might have been hiding your bottoms in the zoom meeting, but you can never hide from presenting your perfect self when it comes to getting back to the office routine. It is time to represent what you’re good at and that is being presentable and performing flawless at work, may it be any office environment.
Beginning from back to the work routine, it is recommended to shuffle your closet and set everyday work outfits according to the weather. Now that you are stepping out with Coronavirus being present out there, you shall consider wearing masks and keeping a safe distance. Apart from matching face masks and hand sanitization, it is advisable to focus on productivity and creativity in the current state.
Look around and find goodness in every task given to you. Motivation and community support play a vital role in the economic shift. Looking at the bigger picture, everyone is outrightly doing the best practice to keep the current work-life balance and partially active in economy regrowth. What is gone is outgone, what we can achieve is still in our hands.
At Ontime, we believe to spread positivity at the work by helping colleagues and sharing innovative ideas with peers. It is time we shall embrace the change.

Trending fashion hashtags on Instagram

Every man in today’s world on Instagram living life king-size with no flaw but the full luxury of expressions and fashion. How you define the trend depends on your mood and pick of the day. You can revolve or reboot the fashion depending upon what goes next on social media. The fashion industry is highly volatile and Instagram plays a vital role in defining what is the latest trend in fashion.

It is found that 88% of Instagram posts include at least one hashtag and thus hashtag makes the photo viral through many impressions and many more factors to be considered. We are sharing some of the most loved pictures on our Instagram handle to help you choose a perfect watch or a pair of shoes.

After all, trending is in trend. Do not hesitate to order one for you today and post on your Instagram using hashtag (#ontime_insta)