Celebration with Kenzo that does not outlast

We are glad to announce a very well-known premium brand Kenzo is ready to be delivered at your doorstep. For half a century, KENZO has been infusing positive energy and contagious freedom by claiming a polychrome, daring, and borderless fashion that celebrates nature and cultural diversity. KENZO instills a new dynamic and confirms the development of its potential. Driven by a creative vision combining aesthetic requirement and functionality, in line with the House’s DNA, Felipe Oliveira Baptista is defining a new chapter in the history of the brand, while respecting its unique heritage. In this vivid collection, you will find a pair for every occasion, let us showcase some of wonderful Kenzowear, you cannot take your eyes off them.

Lightness takes over this summer’s wardrobe with this ultra-feminine, sensual piece. Its flowing, satiny material is soft to the touch and animated by a subtle set of pleats that evoke the beauty of waves. This is a chic creation that can be worn simply with heeled sandals and a leather handbag.

This is the season you may want to be less dressed but high in trends. This hooded sweatshirt can go well with your daytime activities. Are you addicted to workouts? This Kenzo sweatshirt will be the men’s best friend at work. Create a casual look with this hooded sweatshirt. Adorned with the emblematic Tiger, it adds a bold touch to a sportswear look.

Time to value minimalists’ life. This understated and elegant Kandy bag is roomy enough to carry all your essentials, from your wallet to your smartphone. Its removable should strap allows it to be worn over the shoulder or carried by hand. You may want to finish your look with this trendy crossbody bag for your social media selfie.

Vacay is a state of mind. This everyday casual sneakers for your backyard dinner or outdoor workout will give you comfort in style. Train your body and enhance your game skills.

Wear Kenzo, shop online @ontime, and download our app to stay updated!


Celebrating Ramadan in 2020

This year sacred Holy month of Ramadan is being celebrated under exceptional circumstances. This is a crucial time for every corner of the world to curb the deadliest Coronavirus outbreak. As we observe fasting (one of five pillars of Islam) from dawn to dusk means abstaining from food and drinks may have to refrain from moving out and mixing among people at Iftar. But if we practice slightly different than we can still be blessed with all aspects of this holy month. Spending quality times with loved ones and keeping up with the spirit of the Holy month of Ramadan is our next goal.

This year Ramadan is expected to begin from April 23rd. Families and friends will gather after a long day of refraining from eating and drinking to share a meal, and restaurants are no longer bustling with people nor gathering at mosques due to government rule of social distancing. The spirit of Ramadan will remain the same, but practice will be different this year. The safety and security of our loved ones and our beloved country comes first. The faithful must pray at home. Ample free time to recite holy book and decorating house exceptionally, which is available in lockdown. Creating an online group of families and friends will not miss communal gatherings too much.

While we are facing stay home, stay safe condition, you can still maintain social distancing and uniquely offer your prayers. May you wish to perfect your prayers at home. Dress up every time you pray and give yourself enough time to read a couple of pages of the Quran every day. Trade your innovative recipes with someone else for their recipes and churn out delicious ending up learning fun skills. Last and not the least, a charity in the holy month is the key to celebrations, so donate time wisely and try to raise as many funds to help needy, that will satisfy our gift ideas. You can prepare mini care kits and food packages for the neediest. It is advisable to read out to your kids in the daytime and also give them activities to pass time creatively. Food lovers can also have hands-on practice of cooking new recipes and inventing new ones as well.

So while we prepare up differently for Holy month, it is true that, no matter what, the essence of the festival remains intact and it will be a Ramadan to remember for continued faith, holy prayers and self-motivated charities.

Ontime family wishing you all Ramadan Kareem!

Watch for Equal : Ontime brings news for her

It’s amazing when we celebrate women empowerment. We are so equal, we have no jobs that can not be performed by women. We, the people have given the highest prestige to women of our community and we keep our promises by keeping a safe environment for them. Yet there are many things in which we miss judge today’s woman. Today we are going to share a few new arrivals at Ontime, perfectly away from bejewels and glitters.

When we speak of today’s fashion-oriented women’s watches, we think of quality, genuinity, and creativity. We have most of the men working in the fashion world creating masterpieces and most of the women working at the civil services protecting our communities in many ways. Our new arrivals will surely change your shopping mood from going vintage to keeping up with Kardashian!

DKNY Saffiano handbag-2020 collection

Speaking of vintage, we have handbags on our new arrivals page, classy and simple that serve your need right with the latest technology and design. Even if you are not a big fan of handbags, its utility will urge you to get its benefit like RFID technology, PVC leather that stays hard as you wish and multi straps keeping your hands free while on the move.

Cole Haan ZeroGrand Sneakers

She runs the family more than she runs for herself. This is a great time to get runners not because physical health is an utmost priority but also because a strong heart needs strong muscles and a happy appetite. Exercising with Cole Haan’s Zero grand sneakers will give your feet happy feeling even when you’re lifting mountains.

Charriol Swiss made women’s watch from

With A Love Of Style, Beauty, And Fashion, It Is Fitting That Charriol Have Named A Women’S Watch Collection, St-Tropez™, After The Glamorous French Mediterranean Town. The 028 Variant Represents strength of metal ropes and elegantly understated design that represents your personality. Chic yet tough at times.

Women are an essential part of society and keeping happy and healthy is their motto. Let us give her happiness by giving a gift that will be useful and look fashionable at the same time.

What to do now? Lock Down Havocs and in-house management

Are you directionless? Ask the manager in you. It is important to manage your mental and physical health while performing work from home routine. It is frustrating at times to convince people around you who do not have clue about your stress generally. Time schedule and Work habits both will help you fight with frustration and forgo arguments. Our tips here will help you in all possible ways.

Rely on your instincts but do not force yourself
We are of course social animals, being at home all the time has restricted our ability to work creatively. However, our strength and the initial goal of helping our families are still the same and we need to find a link that can help us in staying on track. Meditation and playing with kids can take you away from work stress and a few minutes a day will help you come back to your work desk easily. Use 15 minutes break wisely by indulging with your family home work or talking with friends around the world following social distancing guidelines.

Avoid news at work hours
psychologists recommends to avoid watching disturbing news, videos and reading text that insists to follow instructions and act against any statement that may not be authenticated. It is advisable not to read, share or follow such sites, groups or watch and share videos that can make you or others upset. It is indeed critical times, stay away from negativity, keep up the faith and pray for good health in this COVID 19 pandemic situation.

Amuse yourself
Discipline yourself by working on your desk regularly. If you are not feeling well, just be present at the desk and check with other teammates. Make sure you are available when your company needs you the most. But also amuse yourself by playing light music, cooking your favorite dish or any activity that makes you happy. This is the best time to explore your inner self. Talk with yourself, develop new skills by learning tutorials online and use digital power wisely by sharing fruitful content.

It is a good time to check your closet, try on clothes and dress up everyday that will make your mind ready to work professionally. Use short breaks to shop online instead of going out.

Stay Home and Stay Safe!