We have attained heights and lights in inventing powerful watches, although the world of traditional watches still exists. What has changed is a human desire to wear watches in different ways and the multi-use of this accessory is popular nowadays. A Watch can be as big as one’s wrist can tolerate and as small as one wants to make it disappear. Women tend to wear watches more than men do in the market, which is surprising as men might think a watch is the only accessory to ornate. Today’s men live on the edge of their smartphones, they know what is in style. Women have established fast fashion while men have advanced into keeping the fashion censored as they pursue the change. 

The watch industry constantly thrives change in terms of utility and looks. You will find watches that can serve your needs and will not break the bank so as of those watches we only see on the blogging sites or on big screen display that belongs to premium fashion brands. How many of us believe if we over wear it, the value will depreciate? Treating your watch as a valuable asset shall be in practice despite its price tag. Choose your watch wisely, it needs to perform accurately when you depend on it.

We have three lightest watches for you to have a look, one of which will definitely make it to your closet. These watches are unisex watches which means it suits both by men and women.

D1 Milano Ultra Thin Unisex Blue Quartz Analog Watch

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D1-Milano is an Italian manufacturer in Milan of premium watches since 2013. CEO and Founder Dario Spallone creates designs that are effortlessly simple and portray a perfect combination of innovative technology and contemporary style. It is a contemporary watch brand that produces iconic and recognizably strong shapes rooted in Italian heritage. This unisex watch comes in various colors of leather straps and dial cases.

SKAGEN Aaren Unisex Yellow Quartz Analog Watch

This neon Aaren is one of our Kulor styles—named for the Danish word meaning to add color and fun. It features a 41mm aluminum case with a sandblasted dial, linear and numerical indexes, three-hand movement and a seconds-tracking sub-dial at the 6 o’clock hour. A quick-release pin construction makes it easy to interchange the silicone strap with any 20mm standard strap. You can change straps as you change your outfits! So colorful and so vibrant, you can even switch the watch with your bae on a trip!

Hugo Exist Unisex Watch

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A contemporary watch with a simple three-hand mechanism by HUGO. This timepiece features a case in brushed and polished stainless steel, a black sunray-brushed dial with shading for depth, and a pop of signature red at the six-hour marker. Securing with a leather strap, this sleek design offers everyday minimalism for business looks. This accessory is part of the new HUGO Unisex capsule, a collection designed to be worn by both men and women.

Ideal for today’s ladies and gentlemen, these watches will spark your wrist and will pass your budget for buying a branded watch.

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Breast cancer awareness is an effort to raise awareness and reduce the humiliation of breast cancer through education on symptoms and treatment. Greater knowledge will lead to earlier detection of breast cancer, which is associated with higher long-term survival rates. Thus, community members and non-profit organizations raise awareness of breast cancer by organizing multiple events throughout the world. Breast cancer is not a fatal disease, 2% of deaths are occurring due to breast cancer compared to 32% from heart diseases and 56% from other types of cancer (According to World Health Organization).

The pink ribbon and wearing pink outfits are the most prominent symbols of breast cancer awareness, and in many countries, the month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Increased awareness has increased the number of women receiving mammograms, the number of breast cancers detected, and the number of women receiving biopsies. Overall, as a result of awareness, breast cancers are being detected at an earlier, more treatable stage.

At the Ontime, we encourage everyone to wear pink, spreading awareness about this cancer at our online store. Our objective is to spread awareness through showing concerns to those who are diagnosed and of those who lost their lives. It is recommended for women to get a mammogram done once in their fruitful life and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Cancer is something, we have to fight until it totally vanishes from this planet. Until then, let us unite and support each and everyone and promote a healthy lifestyle to hunt fatal diseases.


Why would one buy a small size bag when they have lots of stuff to carry?

Are you observing that smartphones are getting bigger so those earrings though, handbags instead are shrinking in sizes, look at all those glamorous bloggers and actors holding their bae in one arm and cute minis in the other! Shall we consider the small bag trend has begun?

Small purses were popular in the 1900s and were being carried by wealthy women in general. The trend was up n down as few popular brands then started introducing shopping bags and totes. These mini bags have made outside impression recently, thanks to runway fashion and party journals. From Kaylie Jenner to Rihanna, small bags have gone viral in celeb’s hands shared by millions of fans.

Although, the question remains the same, do my bag hold everything I can carry?

The answer lies in your needs, not wants. I may need a lipstick but I want to carry make-up palates. Do you get it? I need a wallet but I want a jewelry case, that might be too far. Today’s woman knows what she wants. However, we tend to bulge our bags with each and every essential considering if we want it handy. Consider these things; where you are going, what will be the use of items you are willing to carry in your bag and half of your confusion will be over. Carrying a small bag feels liberating, isn’t it?

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Now that we are fond of small bags that look elegant with no extra efforts, let’s look at these options. Don’t get disappointed when you see those most expensive bags by hardly affordable brands. You can indeed achieve similar look and persona by shopping with us. At Ontime, you’ll get the best-priced Handbags made by well-known designer brands.

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Look for the one that does most of the job, can carry cash, IDs, cards, and phone. It may also carry keys, lipstick, and compact essentials if you have plans for spending little more time outside. Your next bag can be a small hand bag, sling bag, cross body shoulder bag or a belt bag. Choose the one that looks great with the outfit you’re wearing.

Again, Keep minimum stuff in your bag, keep space for shades and a phone before leaving the home. I would pick a neutral color and funky style or vibrant color and a sober style that can be matched with multiple outfits and shoes. Go fashionistas! You have a party to stop!

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Contemporary brands always perform better when it comes to drawing attention to luxury possessions, be it the most expensive couture or an affordable version made by your favorite designer brand. Handbags became mandatory since we started collecting them and built an urge to bring valuables everywhere we go.

The story of handbags is merely wholesome. The oldest known purse dates back more than 5000 years and was a pouch worn by a man. A handbag normally called “purse” in American English, is a small bag for holding coins being used since the 17th Century. 17th-century purses were made of soft fabrics and leather worn by men and women both. The purse became handbag as we started using it to store larger accessories and essentials like documents and gadgets. Women’s bags grew larger and more complex during the 19th century. Women were taught embroidery as necessary skills for marriage, which later was used to make handbags and other decorative. Museum of bags and purses in Amsterdam displays a collection of bags used from the 17th century, made of hard cases and carpetbag style clothes, too. From coins to paper currencies, from hard folders to laptops and from pagers to smartphones, handbags have been invented many a time by the number of designers and well-known shoemakers who were constantly using leather materials.

Creating a niche for a handbag is something, every retail fashion would do. We have reasons to keep a handbag, be it at work or while traveling. Handbags, messenger bags, laptop bags, backpacks, wallets, clutches, and totes do wonder on the go. Finding which is the most affordable handbag comes down to which bag is currently on sale and also widely available in the market for online shoppers. Depending on your need, look into a few factors of these bags we have collected for you at Ontime.

Fossil bags are some of the highly recommended handbag brands this season. Looking at the quality and stitching of these leather bags, you’ll definitely feel the price is right! They come in fun and classic both types. Choose it wisely, these bags last long if you maintain properly. Treat them as a fashion accessory at the same time try on various occasions to get attention.

Don’t tease yourself if you’re on a budget. It is easy to fall into the trap of cheap thrills and unknown brands, although compromising with the quality hits hard when you are testing them for real. One of the best handbags you see around you is DKNY. Their leather, texture, and patterns will amaze you. We are proud to have a huge collection of DKNY bags to choose form.

Venice born Italian brand Pomikaki has such incredible designs and colors in ladies’ handbags. Created for contemporary women, these bags fit any occasion at any time. Again, the brand stands for timeless elegance in fashion bags, you can choose from classic plain colors to colorful patterned handbags that store a handsome amount of stuff you need at work.

We have twinset bags for teens and those who want to live young every moment. These fancy bags come in different styles and sizes to allure your fashion taste. They are most affordable and space friendly purses. We have crossbody bags and women handbags that fits just few things as you wanted. Take them to your tea, coffee or movie night.

Fancy girls wear Versace jeans bags. The virtus bags from Versace jeans give you after dark complements. Few of those who carry the least yet important items at the party or dinner night outs will carry these beautiful bags. Tag with an affordable price tag seems too good to be true. At Ontime, we speak your style. Browse from genuine & contemporary styles or steadfast everyday handbags at the great price range.


What is, so much about this, Diwali?

Diwali “the festival of lights” is celebrated around the world by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and some Buddhists every autumn according to the Hindu calendar. This Indian festival is celebrated in each corner of the world for different reasons. Hindus celebrate on the arrival of Lord Rama back in their kingdom following 14 years of depart called “Vanvasa”. Sikhs celebrate Diwali on the occasion of release from the prison of their sixth religious leader (guru) Guru Hargobind Singh and 52 other princes with him. Diwali has a very special significance in Jainism as well. It marks the anniversary of Nirvana or liberation of Mahavira’s soul, the twenty-fourth and last Jain Tirthankara of present cosmic age. The culture of India refers collectively to the thousands of distinct and unique cultures of all religions and communities present in India. The culture and tradition from every part of the country are so vibrant, remembering their roots in India, people living around the world, celebrate Diwali with lots of joy. With “Diwali” starts the new year according to Hindu calendar. This year, we want to celebrate this festival of lights with all of you. We have introduced exclusive offers to make the festive look fashionable and remarkable. Let’s go straight into, items you can buy and those you can gift on this festive.



Watches are men’s favorite possession. For women, the watch is more than just an accessory. Timepieces we sell on our websites are genuine, trendy and when the price is right, you feel like buying more than one at a time is a great deal. We carry watches for all ages and all tastes. You may also want to gift a watch to your boss or your parents on this occasion or bring a gift for your loved ones on your flight back home. Michael Kors, Coach, Swarovski, Just Cavalli, Armani, Fossil, Ferrari, Casio, Boss, and Police are few of the most popular brands of all time.

Are you a smartwatch person? Treat yourself with a brand new Apple or Samsung smartwatch. Check out our brand new Samsung Galaxy Active 2 models, with great gadgets comes great powers. These unisex models surely wow your fashion appetite to stay fit and upgraded.

We have trendy belts to change your style as you change places. Think of the watch as a special gift on this festive and get the best prices of watches and watch sets. 


Men’s Jewelry & accessories

What is so special about Men’s jewelry? Men usually don’t feel like overloading on regular days, however, on special occasions like Diwali, we have bracelets, wallets and few funky items on display that will for sure draw your attention. Not just shades, Check out branded items for affordable rates, you may feel like gifting some as we freeze the price. Check out Men’s bags, pouches, wallets and backpacks and laptop bags. They’re something you can readily invest into!


women’s jewelry & accessories

When we dress up, we think of accessories that should match with the outfit and something judicious to apparel the occasion. This Diwali season, we want you to look pretty and traditional to signify your love for the customs you follow for thousands of years. Dressing up with matching accessories is a bonus for everyone. Choose from a variety of necklace sets and other branded jewelry, you will find the one that goes with many. Going out for dinner, you will need a handbag that goes with your outfit and carries all your essentials, we have it all.


September means so much for all of us. The season is changing, the lifestyle is revolving from indoors to outdoors and of course, we need to box out new styles that match with our new office look or evening sweater. For tech-lovers, September is when they start betting on new gadgets. Samsung has just launched a Brand new Galaxy smartwatch 2 and you need to take a peek at this to advance your android smartphone gear.

The brand new release of Samsung smartwatch is one of the reasons you ought to shop at Ontime. You heard it right, Ontime has announced to launch Samsung smartwatch’s brand new version Samsung Active 2 unisex models at Ontime stores. This watch holds more than just a watch strapped to imitate smartwatch features. Let’s head straight into what is there for you!


This watch features:

  • Either a 1.3-inch (46mm) or 1.2-inch (42mm) Super AMOLED touch display with Gorilla DX+ glass
  • 5 ATM water resistance and IP68 dust resistance
  • Either a 472mAh battery (46mm) or 270mAh battery (42mm)
  • Runs Tizen OS 4.0
  • Exynos 9110 dual-core 1.15 GHz processor
  • A heart rate monitor, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and barometer
  • The LTE version includes 1.15GB of RAM and 4GB of storage
  • The Bluetooth version includes 768MB of RAM and 4GB of storage

The powerful watchmakers claim to have redefined the battery life of this new smartwatch, which will stay active for several days on a single charge. These new models come in 3G/LTE with 42mm or 46mm dials, the price difference is merely jumping here and there in terms of dials and types. All watches are finished with silicon strap that is made of high quality. The weight of this watch is as light as the previous models and the look is gorgeous, believe me. The Galaxy smartwatch also features some health-oriented features, including heart rate monitoring to build a baseline for each user. So when it detects that your heart is racing, it’ll prompt you to relax probably by haptic feedback sound. It also tracks fitness and allows you to pick your activity. It’ll track sleep patterns as well, and it will try to qualify how well you’re sleeping. So far, you will be either eased with virtual bezel or miss the ticking feeling of the past model, although you won’t take time to get used to with it.

This new Galaxy smartwatch gadget is an excellent sports gear that will do more than just tracking your fitness activities for sure. The virtual bezel has no more rotating structure but is a touch-sensitive strip with lots of functional features that will enrich your urge to stay active. It is a right time to invest in this watch for sure.

Browse our page and feast your watch appetite today.


At Ontime, we are constantly adding brand new collections of watches, jewelry, and accessories to our huge inventory. This time of the year, we have many handbags to showcase, we are offering great prices and deals on men & women’s handbags, backpacks, pouches and shoulder bags from well-known brands like DKNY, Fossil, Versace jeans, twin set, pomikaki, and Leo studio.

Average women own 7 handbags, including the black dress-code partner (the everyday black handbag), clutches, regular priced items to take along at work and the traveling buddy (a bag-pack or a tote bag). Most of the party-wear bags happen to be expensive, luxurious and sometimes very small in size. Bags are essential parts of life, they carry most of our valuables and important gadgets. Bags tend to be durable, easy to use and something that fits your needs and your taste both. People make an assumption of you by looking at your bag. Yes, this is not something you can control but what you can do is to buy a bag that helps you look exactly how you want them to perceive you as.

Now, let’s check out some options and dive into our bag-web.

All our bags are made of genuine leather, processed fabrics, PVC or high-quality plastic materials to give maximum durability. You can browse various colors and patterns to get the perfect fit that matches with everyday outfits or the travel needs. Check out our treasure, you will surely want to add another dimension of fashion in your daily appearance. 

The bag you always wanted to buy is still on the isle? Remember that fashion goes in cycles, we live in sentient seasons and there is a reason why you want to hold on to a few pricey investments you make, flaunt it when it comes back to fashion.

Depending on how formal your workplace is, choose your bags wisely. Here, we have options you want to look into;

This bag pack from Fossil is doing everything a bag can sophistically do. A handbag with removable shoulder straps, ample of space inside the bag with compartments to sort your valuables. An ideal everyday bag for a work or University.


This is the ultimate trend from DKNY vintage women collection. This crossbody bag does more than its shape. A fashion-forward woman who carries minimal items will love this bag. It comes in bright and dark colors and made of genuine leather to give your overall look, a hi-end feel.


Clutches are always fun. This DKNY lacquer clutch bag is nothing but a style statement in the party full of beautiful ladies showcasing their ultimate possession. This nude and gold color combo is indeed “I care less” style statement. Pair it with your favorite black dress or blazer and see the magic happening.


For a woman that keeps the power in her hands, this DKNY coated logo women crossbody bag do wonders to her office fashion cred. Long and big size bags definitely look cool on tall body shapes, for a woman who is 5 feet and 7 inches and under, this kind of cross shoulder handbag or a shoulder bag with a combination of belts would look far better. Slide your phone, car keys and few other items can go in the main compartment and get going.

Browse our bags section to find the best fit you need. Shop now with ease and comfort on your fingertip because we deliver for free.


There are men fascinated with fashion and looks that stay in the spectator’s mind for a long time. At Ontime, we have amassed such a huge collection of branded watches, jewelry, and accessories, you won’t have to look anywhere further.

Depending upon your job interest, woo your surroundings with sophisticated outfits and your charming personality, not the one that speaks, but the one that gets things done just by their façade. We are sharing a secret to present yourself elegantly with these watches;


This Movado bold Men Analog watch leaves a mark everywhere it appears. The brand Movado is an iconic name in the watch industry. Wear this watch to win your presentation. This watch in black steel bracelet and case with a pinch of blue highlight on the dial and Movado iconic dot mark speaks a lot about your precision and straight forward image.


This Emporio Armani Swiss watch is the symbol of craftsmanship and quality, crafted precisely for men like you who want to achieve many things in life. A watch that makes your special day extra special. This silver steel watch with gray patterned textured dial has dash indices and analog movement that tells time with no extra hush hush. Keep it simple, wear it every day.


This Maserati Ricardo chronograph watch reflects the time that consumed and well spent. If you are a working professional with brands in your head, Maserati has introduced technically much-admired masterpieces. This silver stainless steel watch with blue dial and chronograph effect makes timekeeping a wonderful experience.


Michael Kors is known for its style, be it outfits or accessories. Michael Kors watches and handbags are one of the most admired and bestselling products around the world. This runway watch tells a story of high fashioned glam beauty walking with pride and creating her own space through her achievements. This rose gold-tone ion-plated watch with sequenced crystals are nothing but a style statement. Wear it over and over to fulfill your glam-fame dreams.


Cerruti 1881 is a brand filled with style and statement. This gold-tone steel watch comes in a set of a watch, matching pendant, earrings, and a bracelet. What a wonderful gift would it be? Made of stainless steel, the bracelet is designed with leaf patterns, light green dial with crystals in the hour mark and crystallized bezel makes this watch repeatedly wearable and perceptible. Invite your colleagues over or go out for a movie date, leave this beauty on your wrist and watch the observers’ eyes sparkling at you.  One of the must-haves for this season!


Imagine a queen wearing her antiquated ornaments at her throne ceremony. Rich or no rich, jewelry and accessories play a special part in every household. Everyone wants to look rich with ornaments that have high quality and gears of high caliber. Who is wearing what is a social media trend nowadays. Wear your favorite brand, make it memorable by pairing them with a watch that is style statement itself. This Roberto cavalli gold-tone watch has a green patterned dial, stylish gold bracelet and snake pattern on the bezel makes it uniquely rich. Make your look worth every effort towards a lucky day!


Who will tell you how should you dress for the party tonight?

In today’s world, we are judged for our styles very easily. It is hard to give away a statement on someone’s look, if not asked. Although, we are making an effort to share some tips on your next party looks that will make you surf inside your closet and help you create an overall look with vivid options of accessories.

Tip #1 Colors

Pick colors for each occasion. It helps you pair each piece you wear. Day time celebrations invite less glittery, neutral and pastel colors lift your overall appearance. Stand out in the crowd with the right piece of accessory like a branded watch, handbag, and jewelry.

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Tip #2: Dress to impress

Some people spend double-time to pick special occasion outfits, some live in basics no matter what occasion. One must dress to give a compliment to space they are going to enter. Remember, someone who seeks your attendance has worked hard to put up this event and they value your time, it is highly appreciated if you give them credit by dressing appropriately. Some people style for the party to leave an impression on everyone, be that person. Keep it simple to achieve the look you can embrace.

Tip #3: Price tag v/s show off

Parties are for show-offs. It’s not a myth, people like to show their wealth and luxurious possessions at celebrations may it be a private function or corporate gatherings. People dress up when it comes to attending a precious day. While pairing accessories with your outfits, make sure to choose to detail in each piece and not just concentrate on monograms or brand logos. Too many logos on you will definitely look like a hoarding advertisement. Look elegant with limited labels that are rich in design. Choose the most special accessories when it comes to wearing on special occasions.

Tip #4: Black for all

If you’re confused and conscious about your style statements, this is a great tip. Wear black, pair with black and merge in the party like it’s of your own. Choose the length and type of your dress by several activities you will be doing be it excessive sitting or standing or moving your body. For both men and women, comfort shall come at first.

Tip #5: Take time

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It is ok to take time to get ready rather than wear whatever you find in your closet and repent when you arrive at the venue. Some people prepare for the event way ahead of the time. Take your own time, choose what your gut says, try items and play overdo v/s undo. It is ok to take a few seconds more in front of the mirror, it will build your confidence when you prepare yourself for a new environment. However, Make sure you arrive on time, no party stoppers are late at the venue.


Are you confused in choosing a right watch? Does it always have to be soft and sober? No, everyone buying an accessory are looking for easy to use, softer in terms of feel and flexibility, and simple watch that matches with everything you own. Then why all trends hyping on new seasons, new styles and brand new materials? Isn’t vintage, tested by grandpa kind of the classic watch all we need?

The answer to all questions above is “live on your base instincts. Everything you like may not last long but, using it correctly may save you from fashion strain.”

Every women try to look delicate and stylish, go for a watch that looks more dressy but cost-effective and multi-functional. We have chosen this one to prove that. A watch that can also be soft, delicate and multi-tasker at the same time.


This watch will give you “stick to me” feelings. Very comfortable, balanced in color and prints, excellent combination of steel and leather on delicate wrists like yours.

This watch can serve both formal and casual attires. From mornings to nights, you can match it with everything you wear, dear!

Still confused? Check out our online store for some really nice stuff! I mean, you’ll be amazed, how many watches we have in our collection of brands!