BMW time machines: ONTIME review of brand new BMW watch Collection

Your ultimate driving machine company BMW is all set with a brand new collection of watches for all generations at Ontime. Demonstrating power, speed and a combination of fascinated luxury BMW watches will soon become the talk of the town.

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With a sporting spirit and visionary approach, BMW’s summer watch collection draws inspiration from automotive design. Known for its racing heritage, the brand draws inspiration from its commitment to performance and distinctive detailing to introduce watches that are versatile companions for every day. While classic BMW symbols such as the propeller logo subtly accent the dial, the cases play with aerodynamic forms and visually dynamic features, modeled after the brand’s most recognizable sports cars and shaped to perfection. Altogether, these statement-making watches are a combination of joy, performance, and passion.

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BMW proves there’s no limit to style, thanks to strikingly iconic colors and versatile designs. Available in three-link stainless steel bracelets and premium leather straps, the subtly shaded dials feature the brand’s iconic blue or impressive automobile inspired colors of silver, red, black and cashmere. The beauty is in the details with a logo etching on the crown. 

The M Motorsport Collection makes a powerful statement with sporty designs and premium materials to ensure you’ll always make an impression on and off the track. Available in a stainless steel bracelet or silicone strap with tread detailing, this racing-style chronograph comes with a knurled topring and the iconic Motorsport stripes that aficionados will gear up for.

Experience instant attraction of each timepiece from BMW. Show your love for power and speed by owning these masterpieces or gift the one who quests for perfection and uncompromising craftsmanship.


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