How to choose a perfect dress watch?

Buying a branded watch that lasts for a long time is a consistent practice.  Watch markets are filled with dazzling to sober watches for you to hunt according to your taste but robust and dependable ones typically win the race. Most of the watches nowadays come in both conservative designs as well as a contemporary hint.

There are hundreds of brands and designs to choose from. When you go to our ONTIME website, you will find watches of all types for all ages. From traditional analog watches to next-gen Smartwatches, we have a huge collection of watches that urges you to stuff your closet. All the latest watches may not fit for your dress you wear on a special occasion. Watches come with the same feelings, an accessory to dress up or down. Let us help you in choosing the perfect watch.

 Things to keep in mind while shopping for a dress watch are;

  • Choose the occasion
Movado men’s watch
Movado Classic women’s watch

Usually, we choose watches by looking at what’s new in the market. When it comes to choosing a dress watch the equation might go wrong. A dress watch can be of any type from Analog to Chronograph, from conservatively traditional to a smartwatch. You may choose a watch that has 38-46mm dial for men and 28-32mm dial for women, to be considered as an ideal size. Nowadays watches are decorative and come in various straps, colorful prints and even colorful metals that can match with most of your outfits. Are you buying a dress watch for a special occasion? If yes, then it must have detailing, neutral colors and most of the brands have those in their hi-end collection of watches. A dress watch for a work-space can be little less glittery and shall have easy to read dial with added functionalities.

  • Choose the brand you love to wear

Buying any watch is easy, buying a second watch from the same brand may be tricky but buying a dress watch from your favorite brand will never be so hard. Look for the latest trend, select from your favorite colors and materials and finally compare the watches you selected. From generations, a certain number of people we call them as faithful consumers are choosing watches from the brands they have already tried or desired of buying. Choose from the brands you know or aware of. Look for the watch you have seen or tried in the past, try different types and sizes to make sure you are not going to repent later. A watch is worn as an accessory, the ultimate goal is that can be worn frequently with most of the outfits. Look for the one that is worth your investment.

  • Choose the type and color of the watch

A maximum number of watches are sold in black and brown leather straps and silver and gold stainless steel material. As we evolved our fashion style from the 1970s the true sense of designer watches begin and a watch became not only a feminine ornament but an essential machine for daily usage. A little bit of glitz and combination of materials in various shapes solves “I want to look different” idea. For men, we have a combination of material, colors, and multi-functionality with a masculine touch that solves the same concept. Choose from analog, chronograph, hybrid or smartwatch according to your need and then match the watch with keeping outfits in mind will help you select the right one.

  • Compare between your best-chosen ones

Still confused? If you ended up choosing more than one watch, it’s fine. You are on the same dilemma as others while choosing the right watch. The ultimate match will be the one that crosses all your search list boxes and will make you wear on your wrist more often. You may compare watches from two different types or between variety of brands. Some watches look luxurious even with a simple leather strap, some look perfect at any occasion being casual or at party settings. While comparing watches, one must look for its features and colors as the overall look comes from outfits, accessories, and shoes all together. Matching and mismatching is a personal choice.

  • Make sure you have it when you need it

Most of the time, you keep browsing on the internet or at the mall where you end up window shopping, sometimes drifting from what you need to what you want to have. One shall be prepared to have products in hands before the actual date of the occasion. For regular office look attires, keep your watches in the main closet drawer, close to your outfits. This helps you to match in the same light settings and easy to pick before you leave the room. Most of the dress watches are expensive and made of delicate materials, they definitely need special care. Put your watches altogether, though packing with soft materials and putting in solid boxes or a designated box that can store a number of watches is an ideal practice. Order your watches ahead of the time to make sure it arrives before the big day. If you are buying a gift for your loved ones on the wedding day or for the anniversary, find the watch that comes as a set or packed in a box. It adds value to your purchase with no extra efforts.

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