A small bag that completes your style statement

Why would one buy a small size bag when they have lots of stuff to carry?

Are you observing that smartphones are getting bigger so those earrings though, handbags instead are shrinking in sizes, look at all those glamorous bloggers and actors holding their bae in one arm and cute minis in the other! Shall we consider the small bag trend has begun?

Small purses were popular in the 1900s and were being carried by wealthy women in general. The trend was up n down as few popular brands then started introducing shopping bags and totes. These mini bags have made outside impression recently, thanks to runway fashion and party journals. From Kaylie Jenner to Rihanna, small bags have gone viral in celeb’s hands shared by millions of fans.

Although, the question remains the same, do my bag hold everything I can carry?

The answer lies in your needs, not wants. I may need a lipstick but I want to carry make-up palates. Do you get it? I need a wallet but I want a jewelry case, that might be too far. Today’s woman knows what she wants. However, we tend to bulge our bags with each and every essential considering if we want it handy. Consider these things; where you are going, what will be the use of items you are willing to carry in your bag and half of your confusion will be over. Carrying a small bag feels liberating, isn’t it?

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Now that we are fond of small bags that look elegant with no extra efforts, let’s look at these options. Don’t get disappointed when you see those most expensive bags by hardly affordable brands. You can indeed achieve similar look and persona by shopping with us. At Ontime, you’ll get the best-priced Handbags made by well-known designer brands.

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Look for the one that does most of the job, can carry cash, IDs, cards, and phone. It may also carry keys, lipstick, and compact essentials if you have plans for spending little more time outside. Your next bag can be a small hand bag, sling bag, cross body shoulder bag or a belt bag. Choose the one that looks great with the outfit you’re wearing.

Again, Keep minimum stuff in your bag, keep space for shades and a phone before leaving the home. I would pick a neutral color and funky style or vibrant color and a sober style that can be matched with multiple outfits and shoes. Go fashionistas! You have a party to stop!

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