Long weekend deals at your doorstep

Looking for great deals? Welcome to ontime shopping spree. We offer weekend gateway-friendly packing and fun outfits, bags, and accessories delivering right at your doorsteps.
Starting in no particular manner, we are showcasing the best gala deals through this blog post, you know where you are going with these travel-friendly unsavory shopping hackathon on a festive weekend!

Get Virtually social

Social distancing is at the peak. Why not we use our social accounts to spread positivity and refined look! Here we have an all-time fav look whether you choose to step-out or invite-in!

Go places

If you chose to take a break from isolation, these pieces are essential for on-the-go mood. Don’t forget to drink enough water and take along immunity booster munches along with you. Let your soul feel earthy yet free. 

Tuck in with loved ones

Are you a backyard guy? We have these sweat suits, shoes, and comfy look outfits to keep you cool while you’re chilling out with your family and friends in the backyard. Want to surprise your little loved ones? We have the best gift options, check out now! How about a barbeque look or gym cum playful look for the match? Take chances with different colors and patterns to match with your teammates. Exercise is the key to stay fit, after all.

May Allah bless you with good health and happiness, Eid alAdha Mubarak.  



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