Find the best fit in Triumph bra

The world seems so beautiful when we get the best fit for everything. Shopping for a bra can be tiring if you don’t know what fits best or even what size you are. Don’t be shy, we are here to help At Ontime, you can purchase your favourite bra with a perfect size chart or considering what size will fit best on you. 

Review our style guide, that will help you figure out which piece fits perfect while shopping Triumph online. It is indeed a private thing and you need time, especially when you have less time to shop around the mall or you already have spent too much time trying on different bras and had no luck in getting the right fit. In order to figure out which kind of bra will fit best on the ultra-modern outfits, you need to read this blog. As you may know, there are various kinds in bras and most of the ladies love padded, cushioned, sports or knitted bras. 

According to most of the bra fitting guides “Your bra should look and feel great under your clothing and wearing the correct size plays a vital part in this.” A right size can improve your posture and create the appearance of a smaller waist. Do you know, around 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra and don’t even realise? 

Knowing your bra size is important for so many reasons and whether you have small breasts or large breasts it is important to make sure you are wearing the correct size. We have some tips to share on choosing the right bra that fits the way you want.

courtesy: #frontroomfit
  1. the bra should be firm around the body, ideally, it should fit on the third eye adjustment. 
  2. always check what kind of shoulder straps are you comfortable, thin straps or too fancy ones may make you get hurt on the shoulder or tightened or loose may slip out.
  3. Take exact measurement to check a cup size, don’t guess just measure using a measurement.
  4. Use extra straps, clips or simply choose a different style if you think the style may restrict your comfort.

Fashion comes in many ways, but there is no fun in wearing malfunctioned bras. Now, let’s measure your bra size with these easy steps.

Here we are sharing a simple technique to measure your chest before you conclude which size fits well.

We are always happy to help, in case you need a consultation before making your purchase online! We are happy to serve you the latest Triumph collection online and through hundreds of stores across the MENA region. Check our mobile application for easy shopping or contact us if you wish to inquire about these products before you make a purchase!



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