Men’s jewelry, What’s trending now?

#Hardwear for the resilient Men

Who says jewelry is overrated? Jewelry for men no longer means just a wedding ring, men also want to be noticeable, presentable and look sophisticated when it comes to being modernized in this fashion occupied era.

At Ontime, Every unique piece of jewelry and accessories are created keeping their customers in mind, how to wear and what to wear with, is the priority of creators and designers.

Jewelry designers often present their dream collection in the high range or in limited edition, and there is nothing wrong in it. They have put their time and labor into creating something extraordinarily unique. Every one of us wants to be unique in one or another way, we ornate ourselves by picking pieces that resemble our fashion and style. In today’s fast fashion, the only changeable ratio is dressing up and dressing down to look different and that also depending upon which occasion we want to be noticeable.  

Let’s see if we can surprise you. We bring to you our top 5 pieces of men’s jewelry. You can always pick your favorites from a lot of more options from our Ontime store;

  1. Emporio Armani signature men silver bracelet

This exquisite Men’s bracelet which has been manufactured and designed by Emporio Armani, one of the leading luxury designers in the fashion industry. Silver dots showing the Armani logo on the center chip attached with a bangle style bracelet is nothing but a unique style statement. Wear is any day anywhere.


2. Fossil Vintage Casual Men Silver Bracelet

Give vintage casual feel to your look by putting this cool men’s bracelet in black and silver beads made of polyethylene, stay invited and trendy by pairing with your everyday evenings or night outs.


3. Diesel Single Pendant Men Black Necklace

Diesel brings an ultimate Venetian neck-piece in a black polished stainless steel chain. Black iron plated lobster clasp holding the head pendant is one step up to your taste for fashion. Wear it with casual plain tee shirts.


4. Tommy Hilfiger Smooth Men Brown Bracelet

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most popular brands selling men’s outfits and accessories all around the globe with passion. This smooth leather belt is a combination of Tommy’s signature look of the flag and smoothness of the leather. This cool and subdued Tommy Hilfiger bracelet can be the perfect match to casual-smart city outfits or holiday shorts and t-shirts.

5. Emporio Armani Signature Men’S Accessory Set


Look at the finishing of these leather belts, black and blue colors that our eyes love to see, two belts come together in a set for your collection. It can be worn together or separate pairing with a watch or other beaded bracelets.


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