Look book stories, everyone keep talking about!


Everyone has a second thought while choosing everyday outfits. You may not be able to take help from professionals. And more often, your family put you in a dilemma of trying on the clothes and accessory of their choice does not always help you achieve a look you want. It is no-brainer to ask someone else what looks good on you. Instead, you may ask if your look will fit the environment you are going to next. Or simply wait for someone to compliment you. We seek attention for various reasons and in a various job environment. Today, we are sharing tips you can use to acquire the look you always wanted.

In this series of three blogs, ONTIME presents a look book story of the watch, jewelry, and accessory to give you a hint of an authentic everyday look. Do not hesitate to sign up and send us your picture after trying on these tricks and tips. Your attention to detail plays a very important role while dressing up or choosing products that complement each other. Few things to consider while creating a look.

  • Keep seasons in mind, dress up according to the weather helps you choose in no time
  • Keep the occasion in mind, are you heading to work? Or family gathering or birthday party?
  • Consider comfort as a priority, is it heavy in weight? Remember, too fleshy is not so good.
  • Refrain from overdoing, layer accessories only if useful. Do not wear an overload of jewelry too.
  • Present with passion, neat hair, neutral make-up and positive attitude come in handy.

So, now it is time to ornate your beautiful soul and picture your sense of fashion. Fasten your seat belt, here we partnered with Al Yasra’s premium clothing brand Maxmara to create an over all look. Check out their latest and best selling collection of premium brands selling in 200+ stores in Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.


Nowadays casual wear has become a trend in every workplace. Everyone wants to wake up with mix feelings of what to wear. Why not solve this with our first stop for Look book story #1! Here we have some trendy options for you to start your day with.

Outfit: Choose neutral colors like white, beige and gray and dark colors are black, brown and blue. A top and a bottom or one-piece outfits with adding some layer like blazer, cardigan or light jacket won’t hurt. Again check the weather before picking the add-ons.

Shoes: Leather is everyday friend, you can never go wrong with any shoes having a pinch of leather or suede, be it shoes or sandals. Visit the Ecco store in Kuwait to advance your selection from the number of choices we have.  


Watch: The one that is matching the outfit, is rare to find but at Ontime, use your power and can make it happen now. This Tory Burch watch has a symbolic logo on the center of the white dial, gold-tone case and brown leather strap in cross design to give your wrist a good feelings.

Hand Bag: This bag will label you as fashionista if picked precisely.


Even the working people like to play funky on last day of the week in the celebration of weekend and get away ideas. Free yourself and try out something different than your everyday boring tote bag.


Jewelry: Jewelry tend to pop out nicely. Even minimal details on the silver or gold tone jewelry do magic, you know?

Pick the one you can wear at any settings.


Shades: Day time essential or an evening glam, shades will shape your face and protect your eyes. They not only cover your eyes to protect but also help you guard from UV rays.

Extras: Little things can add big value to your overall look. Like a scarf, a hat for the commute, a wallet, a key chain, a coin wallet for your handbag and so on.

Good luck and Stay connected! Don’t forget to sing up to receive next week’s new look in your inbox!