Pack your wardrobe in style, wherever you go!


Everyone tend to follow fashion directly or indirectly. Word of mouth publicity and curiosity creates a buzz of fashion all year round. In fact, everyone wishes to present best version of themselves. Thanks to globalization, we can monitor and adopt any clothes, purchase any styles at any corner of the world today. Looking into fast fashion, quite a few styles are still no-no in few continents. Although, if you are traveling, it is never too late to invest in pieces you might not wear at your home town but will flaunt while traveling. Think of what defines you, what is comfortable yet trendy and must-haves? That brings to create our Look book story #2.

In this series of three blogs, ONTIME presents a look book story of outfits, watch, jewelry, and accessory to give you a hint of an authentic everyday look. Do not hesitate to sign up and send us your picture after trying on these tricks and tips. Your attention to detail plays a very important role while dressing up or choosing products that complement each other. Few things to consider while creating a look;

  • Keep seasons in mind, Where are you heading to? North or South pole, you need clothes and accessories accordingly.
  • Keep the occasion in mind, are you heading to work holidays? Or with family?
  • Consider comfort as a priority, is your luggage heavy in weight? Remember, most often we do not wear everything we take off with. Choose your outfits wisely.
  • Refrain from overdoing, layer accessories only if useful. Do not wear an overload of jewelry. Keeping layers in colder place is useful for a reason.
  • Wearing with passion, neat hair, neutral make-up and positive attitude come in handy. Smile your way and embrace love wherever you go.

Now, it is time to ornate your beautiful soul and capture your sense of fashion. Fasten your seat belt, here we go.


Each of us, travel with time. We travel days, months and continents with reasons for ourselves. People travel to explore, adopt and bring home good memories. Why not to get inspired from our Look book story #2! Here we have some trendy options for you to help you pack bags and enjoy the entire trip worry free.

Trench coat by Sportmax- Maxmara (Available in Stores near you)

Outfits: Choose lightweight outfits to pack bags, remember you may end up wearing the same outfit again. Mix and match is a new go. Again check the weather before packing the add-ons. Small little things in volume also reserve a lot of space. Choose a jacket you can wear as weather changes a bit. This trench coat from Maxmara is an ideal piece to carry for travel, neutral in color and covers you in cold windy evenings. Detachable sleeves and trendy buttons can be worn in different ways.

Shoes: Leather is everyday friend, you can never go wrong with any shoes having a pinch of leather or suede, be it shoes or sandals. Although keep rain in mind, you may hike mountains or sail in the sea. Have an extra fresh pair, choose wisely. Visit the Ecco store in Kuwait to advance your selection from the number of choices we have.  


Watch: Traveling with expensive watches may not be a good idea. You do not want to recollect memories in the future by losing your personal belongings at this trip. So, choose a watch that does your job, looks trendy keeping durability in mind.

This Michael Kors watch solves your query, trendy, rose gold ion plated and easy to read dial. Chronograph movements showing 24 hours time with the date window.



Hand Bag: Traveling with delicate pieces is again a challenge. We have a number of bags, easy to carry and matches with your everyday outfits.

This satchel from Fossil has compartments to store your valuables as well as center huge compartment to store en-route electronics etc. Made of genuine leather and affordable bag for every styles comes in attractive colors.


Jewelry: Jewelry pop out nicely with any outfits. Nicely stored, silver or gold-tone jewelry do magic, you know? We may feel tempted to get them all, a small and delicate piece with neutral color will do the job. Look for detailing.   This matching neck piece with bracelet gives you an idea of choosing delicate pieces and wear it with multiple outfits. Don’t spend time in untangling jewelry, pack worry free pieces.


Shades: In the day time or early evening, shades will shape your face and protect from the Sun. Especially while traveling, shades protect your eyes while those bike rides and beach tans foil. Choose from number of shades from lighter to darker tint from our website.

Extras: Every little thing adds big value to your overall travel experience. Like a scarf, a hat, a passport holder, a wallet, a key chain, a coin wallet for your handbag and the list goes on. Check what you can carry effortlessly and if it is really needed for this trip. Key to a happy and safe traveling, in short, is to carry personal belongings safely and surrender yourself to the nature, adapt the new environment and go with the flow. When you come back home, you shall feel refresh and energized.

Good luck for your next trip and Stay connected! Don’t forget to check us out for next week’s new look book blog! You can email us your traveling stories and if these tips ever helped you in anyway! Bonn Voyage…