Watch review: Soft belts v/s hard bracelets

Are you confused in choosing a right watch? Does it always have to be soft and sober? No, everyone buying an accessory are looking for easy to use, softer in terms of feel and flexibility, and simple watch that matches with everything you own. Then why all trends hyping on new seasons, new styles and brand new materials? Isn’t vintage, tested by grandpa kind of the classic watch all we need?

The answer to all questions above is “live on your base instincts. Everything you like may not last long but, using it correctly may save you from fashion strain.”

Every women try to look delicate and stylish, go for a watch that looks more dressy but cost-effective and multi-functional. We have chosen this one to prove that. A watch that can also be soft, delicate and multi-tasker at the same time.


This watch will give you “stick to me” feelings. Very comfortable, balanced in color and prints, excellent combination of steel and leather on delicate wrists like yours.

This watch can serve both formal and casual attires. From mornings to nights, you can match it with everything you wear, dear!

Still confused? Check out our online store for some really nice stuff! I mean, you’ll be amazed, how many watches we have in our collection of brands!



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