Uncommon designs; Upscale Timepieces

While choosing a brand new watch, the only thing we have in mind is, it shouldn’t be ordinary. What is so common in market, we do not want to purchase. It is human nature, to possess what is uncommon. It may be a watch or jewelry or outfits. Though trend is derived from a style which is worn by the masses. We want comfort that equals to latest fashion. Here at ONTIME, we picked top 3 watches that are trending and uncommon gift of all times, worth your attention if you are looking for one to give away.

  1. Samsung galaxy smart watch

Galaxy Watch Is The Smartwatch That Helps You Stay Connected – Wherever Your Day Takes You. Galaxy Watch Features Bluetooth Connectivity & Contextual Information Based On Where You Are, How You Live And How You Use Your Watch. Your Galaxy, Your Lifestyle !



Unique & Attractive, This Just Cavalli Women’s Watch Combines Practicality with Beauty. Textured Golden-Silver Stainless Steel wraps sumptuously around The Wrist As A Sleek Serpentine Bracelet Watch With A Diamond Head, Creates A Stylish Animal Allure.



This brand new watch is introduced to encourage Eid Al-Adha celebration this year, a perfect gift for loved ones and a beautiful memory to share on your instagram with this timepiece. Blue dial with moon and stars in gold, gold tone stainless steel case finished with stylish bracelet. This watch can also be worn at any other settings.


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