Take your style to the moon


We are in the urge of a new era filled with fashion and elegance. We can only predict to the extent. What is the incoming future, will be dealt by our next generation and the milestones we created may be overlooked.  What lies in the present will be only in books or I would say stored in codes at some server data. Technology is changing faster and one must adapt to keep up with new. Our look book story #3 is based on the futuristic fashion.

In this series of three blogs, ONTIME presents a look book story of the watch, jewelry, and accessory to give you a hint of an authentic everyday look. Do not hesitate to sign up and send us your picture after trying on these tricks and tips. Should you consider these points;

  • Keep seasons in mind, dress up according to the weather helps you choose in no time
  • Keep the occasion in mind, you are still in the presence, so make sure to feelings intact
  • Consider comfort as a priority, future is still unseen remember to play pretend
  • Refrain from overdoing, do not wear loads of jewelry, chances are they may wear gadgets in the future.
  • Be Present with passion, hair, make-up and positive attitude to sense you’re from this world.

So, now it is time to ornate your beautiful soul and picture your sense of fashion. Create your futuristic look and share it with us.


As time passes, our body reacts to it, our brain senses the change and thus we adapt to it. This look is to gimmick the brain and your surroundings with your aura. Complete these steps and find yourself in a whole new era.


Outfit: Clean shapes and monochrome work best as futuristic fashion. Bold colors or no colors both will trend soon. Look around, do you get attracted to simple things first? Pick your clothes with a concept of edges and surfaces. Marella‘s Art.365 collection is a perfect pick. This jumpsuit is pragmatic to look for 365 days. Lay your senses, let the atmosphere do the magic.

Shoes: You can pair your all-time favorite black sandals or court shoes from ART.365 collection of Marella. What else you think will go With these outfits? Use your creativity, walk with pride.


Watch: Galaxy Watch Is The Smartwatch That Helps You Stay Connected – Wherever Your Day Takes You. This Galaxy Watch Features Bluetooth Connectivity & Contextual Information Based On Where You Are, How You Live And How You Use Your Watch. Your Galaxy, Your Lifestyle!

HandBag: You may feel like this outfit deserves no baggage and you’re absolutely right however, in this day and age, you need to carry your essential. Until we find the technological invention for you, this Fossil backpack from Camilla collection will save you from missing any items. Keep all your valuable items including notepad/tablet in this huge bag with multiple compartments and zipped closures. This bag can be in arms, on one side of the shoulder or both as a backpack.

Jewelry: Remember, the less is better? This outfit indeed needs no special treatment, however, choose what you want to wear and do not show off. Saying that we picked this elegant necklace and matching bracelet to give you a feminine look. Black and white indeed go well together.


Shades: Pick an ideal piece that protects you from the sun and matches your outfit. Do you want to go too fleshy? Choose a bright and glitzy frame, otherwise, go for all time black. Again, the future is unseen. Right now it’s time to play invented.

Good luck with your experiments! Do not hesitate to send us your look, subscribe and stay connected for up-coming stories…


Ontime Edit is a blog site for renowned, globally accepted high end branded watches and accessories. We are adding value to the fashion and lifestyle by providing latest fashion trending product reviews and useful information..

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