5 Tips for an effortless party look

Who will tell you how should you dress for the party tonight?

In today’s world, we are judged for our styles very easily. It is hard to give away a statement on someone’s look, if not asked. Although, we are making an effort to share some tips on your next party looks that will make you surf inside your closet and help you create an overall look with vivid options of accessories.

Tip #1 Colors

Pick colors for each occasion. It helps you pair each piece you wear. Day time celebrations invite less glittery, neutral and pastel colors lift your overall appearance. Stand out in the crowd with the right piece of accessory like a branded watch, handbag, and jewelry.

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Tip #2: Dress to impress

Some people spend double-time to pick special occasion outfits, some live in basics no matter what occasion. One must dress to give a compliment to space they are going to enter. Remember, someone who seeks your attendance has worked hard to put up this event and they value your time, it is highly appreciated if you give them credit by dressing appropriately. Some people style for the party to leave an impression on everyone, be that person. Keep it simple to achieve the look you can embrace.

Tip #3: Price tag v/s show off

Parties are for show-offs. It’s not a myth, people like to show their wealth and luxurious possessions at celebrations may it be a private function or corporate gatherings. People dress up when it comes to attending a precious day. While pairing accessories with your outfits, make sure to choose to detail in each piece and not just concentrate on monograms or brand logos. Too many logos on you will definitely look like a hoarding advertisement. Look elegant with limited labels that are rich in design. Choose the most special accessories when it comes to wearing on special occasions.

Tip #4: Black for all

If you’re confused and conscious about your style statements, this is a great tip. Wear black, pair with black and merge in the party like it’s of your own. Choose the length and type of your dress by several activities you will be doing be it excessive sitting or standing or moving your body. For both men and women, comfort shall come at first.

Tip #5: Take time

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It is ok to take time to get ready rather than wear whatever you find in your closet and repent when you arrive at the venue. Some people prepare for the event way ahead of the time. Take your own time, choose what your gut says, try items and play overdo v/s undo. It is ok to take a few seconds more in front of the mirror, it will build your confidence when you prepare yourself for a new environment. However, Make sure you arrive on time, no party stoppers are late at the venue.


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