Host a fashionable party

Now that the summer is washing its hands off, let us plan for greener, healthier and fresher ideas to host evening parties and fashion events within our proximity. We believe in saving time and taking precautions to limit our socializing unlike huge indoor gathering and lighting up in the backyard or on the terrace. Keeping safety a priority, we are sharing vibrant party ideas here.

Replace traditional balloons with LED lights

Lighting up your spot in the dusk is like creating a whole new planet space of your own. You can arrange lighting in a way that defines elements you want to highlight.

manage party crowd and standing platforms

Rather than creating a stage for a standing crowd, it is advisable to have multiple platforms for everyone to hang out while enjoying a drink and chit-chatting. No one likes to be sitting at all times, especially for those divas who dressed up as a showstopper. Having multiple platforms also help in maintaining social distancing.

Fashion secrets

Create a theme, share in your invites, and inspire your guests to wear masks, gloves, and indulge in distant selfies. Mirror Photobooth plays bigger role in the party as everyone likes to take pictures with friends and family. Have a great time partying this season!

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