Jewelry care is such a thing: Tips for jewelry lovers

Whether it is pure gold or sterling silver, jewelry always stands out. Gemstones and pearls beaded jewelry cannot be finished without a touch of precious metal, even consider Diamond jaded necklaces leaving shine in your eyes. Everyone loves jewelry however, jewelry maintenance is one tidy process that everyone doesn’t like to follow. We are sharing some lights on the easiest process of using precious jewelry in the summer, storage, and maintenance of your favorite accessories with ease.

Gold jewelry care;

It is easy to carry and store 12 to 18kt Gold jewelry as it is mainly used for everyday use. It can be stone jaded or simply a metal graded piece of art. A piece of jewelry is worn many times, consider using a soft jewelry cleaning cloth to clean your jewelry after every use. You don’t know when you are going to put it on again, so better is to store it in its place than let it laying on the dresser bowl for days. People tend to forget where did they put their earrings or rings and it creates chaos when it comes to mind. Don’t become one of them, keep your delicate belongings in the jewelry box or a designated storage place with each jewelry separated. 

Diamond sets and delicate accessories;

Diamonds are tough but they aren’t indestructible. Make sure to clean and care for your diamond jewelry. Never wear your diamond while doing rough or hard work. Chlorine can damage and discolor your diamond jewelry. Keep your diamonds away from chlorine bleach or other household chemicals. You should also remove your diamond jewelry before entering a chlorinated pool or hot tub. Avoid touching your clean diamonds with your fingers. Handle clean jewelry by its edges.

Three simple steps to sum up this blog;

  1. Remove jewelry during tasks/ household activities
  2. Put on your jewelry only after applying makeup and dust off before storage
  3. Use a soft damp cloth or warm water to clean your jewelry or simply use a cleaning kit

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