Ontime presents: A Wedding Watch for a Wedding Princess!

Some of your favorite brands, of course, have a dress watch but when you want to hunt one, chances with the limited collection are you will end up buying something else and may not like to wear it on the wedding day. It is very important to start preparing for the big day way ahead, although choosing the right pair of accessories can be lengthy and tiring. Some people start losing their interest in pairing accessories with their dress just because either they are running out of time or they are over-influenced by so many references and a number of experienced supporters shopping for them. You may always ask for an opinion but the choice must be yours. Do not ruin your best day investing in something you may not like to wear later. Find a very comfortable and useful ornament that goes with your dress and also match with other special dresses. Understand how precious the watch you choose shall be. Make your choice simple and affordable at the same time, use a watch that tells you the time, the day of the month and or the day of the week. Everything you need to know shall be on your wrist.

A watch that goes with your wedding ring is in every opinion one of the best choices. A watch that can be worn with other special outfits is also worth an investment. Your investment and sense of fashion will be showcased when someone looks at your wrist and cannot resist to ask you about it.

Finding a watch for your spouse can be challenging if you do not know their existing collection of watches and or wedding dress. We have a collection of watches and other accessories that perfectly suit the brides.

Excited to shop? Here are some latest and all-time favorites for you or the Brides you will gift to;


Designed with our unique faceted crystal bezel, this on-trend and stylish timepiece injects subtle sparkle into your special outfit. The case and strap are beautifully crafted in stainless steel with a champagne gold-tone coating, complementing the golden crystal bezel and sophisticated sunray dial.  


Produced in Switzerland from steel with rose gold plated bracelet links, made of mother-of-pearl dial and 11 brilliant-cut diamonds. It focuses on the original dial design by featuring the distinctive single dot. The dot represents the sun at noon. Complete with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, this watch is an eye catcher. It comes in various colors to match your wedding dress.


This watch is a perfect pinch of rose-gold on your wedding dress. Precisely crafted 30mm stainless steel case, white mother of pearls dial with a rose gold RC and 25 pcs diamond embellishment nicely attached to rose gold plated IP stainless steel bracelet to give over all finishing. This watch stands out as your wrist moves. It can be worn on a daily bases with formal outfits even after the wedding.


For those who are making childhood dreams into reality, introducing a metallic strap design in striking silver for a cooler look. Featuring delicate falling Swarovski crystals (some of the most sustainable crystals in the world) that bring a touch of magic, just shake your wrist and make a wish. Make your wedding a real-life fairy tale. 

Wish you good luck for the wedding!


Ontime Edit is a blog site for renowned, globally accepted high end branded watches and accessories. We are adding value to the fashion and lifestyle by providing latest fashion trending product reviews and useful information..

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